NYC Marathon Training Week #3 – Wednesday

3x1000s were on the schedule today. When I have 1000s, I like to run to Corktown Common, then run km splits on the Don Valley trail. That’s what I did this morning. (Side note: as someone who hates running in the summer, I am so grateful for the cooler weather we’ve been having.)

My splits were:


I have no idea what happened with that first one, it felt a lot faster than 5:33. As for the second two, I wanted to puke the whole time. I’m not used to running that fast, I think my Tuesday rest day really contributed to that.

Tomorrow, 5x800s. My life is so glamorous.

On Instagram, I’ve noticed everyone has fancy photos with their running data on them. I must know more about this. Anyone have a program they particularly like?

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