NYC Marathon Training Week #3 – Thursday

I got up in the morning and double-checked my planned workout. It was AMAZING to see 3-4 800s and not the 4-5 800s I had originally thought.

I ran to Riverdale Track and did my splits. Instead of timing my breaks, I walked a lap around the track. This was probably longer than the breaks I’m supposed to take, but I don’t like fully stopping when I run sprint repeats.

My splits were:


Not too bad.

After work, I plated softball. I went 0-4: fly out, fly out, ground out, ground out. I think I’m ready to go pro.

2 thoughts on “NYC Marathon Training Week #3 – Thursday

    • Erin says:

      Thanks! It makes me think I could be going harder, but then by the end I always want to DIE, so maybe I’m doing them right!

      Softball: agreed! The team we played was just too good at catching and throwing the ball. Unlike most teams in my league. 🙂

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