NYC Marathon Training Week #3 – Sunday

Sunday is long run day! After sleeping for 12 hours, I felt better, but not amazing. After some mind games (“you can always run in the evening!”) I sucked it up and headed out. I was told to run for 90 minutes, and did the same thing as last week: 15 and 1s, with my running pace between 6:00 and 6:30.

Even though I left at 8:30am, it was too late to beat the heat. It got HOT. I decided to run to the beach, as it was a breezy day and there are lots of fountains along the path there. It was gorgeous at the beach, but the heat really got to me by the end. I ended up going about 1k shorter than I hoped because I was meeting a friend at the Leslieville Farmer’s market at 10:30 and didn’t want to be late.

13k in 1:25:50.

Then I got an ice pop. AMAZING.

I’m always glad to get runs over with. I need to remember that every time I convince myself I can do it later. It’s part of the reason Saturday was a bust. Oh well.

4 thoughts on “NYC Marathon Training Week #3 – Sunday

  1. Hannah says:

    I did almost exactly the same run today, but I encountered intestinal distress for the first time in my running life! Also I’m exhausted. I want to run a half in September and don’t know how I’ll ever get back to running more than 13.5 kms ever again.

  2. Hannah says:

    Delayed response: the Fredericton Fall Classic. But it’s on Paul’s birthday so I feel kind of like I’m deserting him.

    • Erin says:

      pffft, I’m making Matt come to NYC and take care of me on HIS birthday (his bday is the 1st, NYC is the 2nd). It’s what good partners do.

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