NYC Marathon Training Week #5 – Tuesday

Tuesday was one of those days were nothing went right and nothing felt right. I came home, headachy, tired and having screwed up my evening plans thanks to a last-minute work thing. But I forced myself out the door to get my run in. Then I forced myself to go be social as soon as my run was over.

I am glad I did both these things. Sometimes I need to take a step back and not think big picture or dwell on stress. If my run was bad, I could have stopped. If socializing was exhausting, I could just leave early. I forget these things sometimes. But the run was good. And the book club was engaging and satisfying, topped off with delicious food.

Usually, doing stuff ends up being the right decision. It was on Tuesday.

2 thoughts on “NYC Marathon Training Week #5 – Tuesday

  1. Kristi@Blog for an Average Runner says:

    Hi Erin
    I was just reading Canadian Running and thinking this article “Ignorance is Bliss” could have been written by me. It even crossed my mind that it was possibly talking about the same race. Then I realized it was by you 🙂
    As an update, I can tell you that all the training for the Ottawa Marathon did not go to waste for me…a month later I PB’d at the Vancouver Half, taking almost 6 minutes off my time. I guess there will always be good races and bad races.
    Good for you for training again for a marathon…I think it might be a while before I try another.

    • Erin says:

      Good for you! I had a similar experience: my Midsummer’s 15k was a great race!

      I honestly think I wouldn’t be training for marathon #3 if it was NYC and I hadn’t already gotten in and paid for it before Ottawa. But I think in the end, it’ll be a good thing. My expectations for NYC was so different and I learned a lot from my first training cycle. So I’m hoping for a good, fun run that day!

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