NYC Marathon Training Weeks #5 & #6 – Wednesday-Tuesday

It’s been a week since I last blogged, but I have a good reason: I went to Nova Scotia for my cousin’s wedding and I didn’t take my laptop! Let’s catch up on the training:

Week #5 Wednesday: My coach says I need to get more hardcore about the cross-training. I know she’s right. I headed to Underpass Park and did a 45 minute Nike bootcamp for the first time this training cycle. I had a good time with this workout.

Week #5 Thursday: And I paid for it. I somehow threw my back out last week. It wasn’t one particular motion, but it felt gingerly all week long and on Thursday, it was the worst. I was supposed to do a hill workout in the morning (and then fly to NS in the afternoon), but it seemed like a bad idea, so I opted out.

Week #5 Friday: The back was still iffy this day, but after spending all morning walking around Halifax, it felt a lot better. Gentle motion seemed to help pain more than just rest. I decided to do an easy lap around Citadel Hill and see where my back was at. I felt strong enough to do the hill workouts, so I did 4 repeats of the walking path up Citadel Hill, and then felt relieved I could still get my training in.

Week #5 Saturday: Since the wedding was Saturday night, I wanted to get my long run in on Saturday morning. I took my time, but I enjoyed this 2 hour run through all my old haunts and also along a lot of the course from the Bluenose Marathon last year – my first.

Week #5 Sunday: This was rest or cross-training. It was also fly home from NS day and I wanted to see how my back handled being on a plane for 3 hours before I committed to a workout. It survived, but it’s still sensitive, so I took Sunday as a rest day.

Week #6 Monday: Back to work. Back still sore. Went for a bike ride during lunch, but kept it simple and short. 30 minutes all in. Hardly cross-training.

Week #6 Tuesday: In the morning, it was speedwork time. 4x800s at Riverdale Park. My splits were:


Which aren’t too bad. They are consistent, for sure. I think they could have been faster. But that’s what next time is for, right?

Then in the evening, I played softball. We lost. Our season is over.

Okay, back to real life and being on top of things like blogging and laundry and crosstraining.

I still haven’t unpacked, my house is a mess and it’s my birthday this week. But a long weekend is coming.

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2 thoughts on “NYC Marathon Training Weeks #5 & #6 – Wednesday-Tuesday

    • Erin says:

      I HAVE NO IDEA. Fear, probably.

      Seriously, excellent pacing at the track is my one magical power. Which is hilarious, because with the exception of Midsummer’s this year, I cannot pace a race to save my life.

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