Marathon art

After running the New York Marathon, I wanted something to commemorate it. I had my bib and my medal and my running shirt and I bought a finisher’s shirt, but I got caught up in the idea of having a poster or print or something to hang. So I bought this:


It’s by New Jersey artist Ricardo Roig, and it cost way more money than I ever intended on spending on running art. But it makes me happy and Ricardo was so delightful to purchase from that it made it worth it.

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4 thoughts on “Marathon art

  1. Ann-Marie says:

    Hiiiii! I haven’t checked here in forever and now I see that you are back! I love that piece of art and think its a great way to commemorate the marathon.

    Glad to hear that you are doing ok now. I’m sorry to hear that you had a rough fall and hope that you find some peace with whatever it may be. Enjoy the cold weather (not).


    PS: Thanks for heading that cheer station at the Toronto Marathon—it was nice seeing familiar faces!

    • Erin says:

      Hey AM!

      Good to hear from you too! Blogging, man, it’s like marathon training. You gotta keep it up even when you don’t want to or else it completely goes by the wayside.

      I didn’t get into NYC this year (which is fine. I figure I might as well sign up for the lottery every year and see what happens) So I am thinking Chicago. What about you? What marathons do you have planned for 2015?

      This colder weather is THE WORST. I am so excited for spring.

      (I also feel weird being so vague about the fall life issue. But if you know where I work, it’s pretty easy to figure out.)

  2. Ann-Marie says:

    Oh! Chicago would be great! I’ve read a lot of great things about it on various running blogs. Another cool one to do would be Vancouver.

    I am signed up for the Ottawa Marathon (again) and am hopefully to qualify for Boston there. It’s a big scary goal but so far training is going alright (except for having to do countless TM runs due to cold weather). Things are looking up.

    Have a nice Thursday!

    • Erin says:

      Boston! you can do it! You were pretty close in Toronto in the fall!

      Vancouver is on my bucket list. I’m thinking that will be my spring 2016 marathon.

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