I’m in a funk and I can’t get out of it

I’ve been really struggling after New York.

I’ve been stressed, agitated, grumpy. I’ve been eating poorly and drinking too much.

Part of this is the holidays. Part of this is not having a structured fitness plan, even though I’m running *another* marathon in just a few weeks. Part of this is feeling stressed and unmotivated at work.

I know the only thing I can change here is my attitude, but that’s so damn hard.

I just need a break. A chance to relax, rest, restore. Prepare for 2017 and focus on what I want to go after next.

But I am not getting that right now. Right now it’s about powering through, best I can, finding happiness and contentment where I can, and knowing it’ll all be over soon.

I am not putting my best self forward at holiday events, work or at home. And I’m sorry to everyone who is experiencing that.

I’ve learned, in order to feel fresh, motivated and focused, I need the following:

1. To work out regularly and be accountable for it
2. To go to bed early
3. To have a creative outlet
4. To have a significant amount of alone time

I’ve let all these things get away from me since NYC. I need to be able to find these moments during this busy time when I can, where I can, and think about how I can structure these into my life in 2017 in a regular, systematic way.

But for now, I’ll do the best I can.