It’s been a long time coming, but now it’s here

The first third of the year is over.

My worst third.

I mean that only in that it’s the busiest, most stressful third. Work takes priority over pretty much everything, including my comeback. I feel like I was making progress, but then I got sick, then I had the busiest work week of my year and now I am back at ground zero.

That’s okay though. Because to climb a mountain you gotta start at the bottom.

My hip is okay. My glutes are okay. Apparently my back is fucked and that’s what causes all my other problems. So going to work on that now.

Running hasn’t been fun. It’s been slow and heavy. My legs feel like lead. Things hurt. But I’m running. That’s what matters. I’ll get to where I’m going eventually.

I write so much in my fitness journal for my coach that I don’t know what this blog is for or why I’m even typing this after months of not logging in at all. But the writing itch is back. And I have time to scratch it now. So I might as well and see where it goes.