It’s gonna be me

It’s May. May 7. The first week of this month kicked my ass, but for no real reason. I just had a lot going on and, as a result, struggled with food (ate poorly), drinking (drank too much) and getting in all my fitness (got all my cardio sessions in, but missed a yoga session and a couple strength sessions.) Now I’m beating myself up over it.

I shouldn’t do that, though. I should instead be focusing on the opportunities this provides. I have time this week to focus on planning and prepping food. I don’t have any events this week that I feel I’ll need alcohol to enjoy/get through (which is another issue entirely, but let’s park that for another day.) Work should be a-OK this week, so I can focus on food, fitness and rest.

So let’s do that, eh?

I also want to write more. I say that every time I pop in here to write a blog post. But I struggle with putting my life on the internet. Does it compromise my work? My relationships? My mental health? I go back and forth on all these quite a bit. And it always comes down to this: I have no idea. But I do know I need to a creative outlet. We all do.

So let’s see if I can put aside my anxieties and actually put things on the internet again.

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