It’s a typical Tuesday…: Chicago Marathon Training Week 1, Day 2

Tuesdays mean track days.

There’s a track about a kilometre from my house.

I get up early. Get dressed. Wish I got up earlier so I could have had coffee. Next week, I tell myself. (It won’t happen next week either.) Walk to the track. Turn my watch on. Start my warmup.

My friend will come by soon. We’ll wave, chat briefly. He’ll do his workout, it’ll be different than mine.

Round and round and round the track I’ll go. Fast, then slow. Fast, then slow. The kms will pile up.

My friend will finish his workout and leave. He’ll wave as he heads home.

Two fast guys will show up. They’ll hug, stretch and start running.

I’ll still go round and round and round.¬†Fast, then slow. Fast, then slow.

I’m getting faster. Slowly.

I’m running in circles, but I’m running towards something.


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