There’s glitter on the floor after the party: Reflections on 2018

At first glance, I felt 2018 wasn’t anything special. Maybe even a disappointment. But when I dug deeper, it was clear I was being too hard on the year, and myself. Surprise surprise.

After all, in 2018:

I went to Disney World with both my sisters and did the Star Wars challenge and got the coolest medal I may ever get for a race ever.

I did Ragnar with several of my running friends, and totally crushed the super hard final leg even though I was really uncertain about how that would go even though I was still in injury rehab mode.

I went to Chicago with a bunch of running friends, stayed in a mind-blowing condo and had a great weekend even though the race itself wasn’t anything special.

My brother-in-law got married, and we did a trip through Alberta where I spent most of the time gawking at nature and saying ‘WTF that can’t be real.’

I hung out with good people in big and small ways: had a nice little track routine on Tuesdays, have people to say hello to at my gym, ran with my crew almost every Saturday.

I found the Sweat app and spent the last two months of the year really getting intro strength training.

So, really, not too bad.

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