bAAArre Works

What: bAAAre
When: Tuesdays @ 6 p.m.
Where: Barreworks (625 Queen St. West, 3rd Floor)
Who: Gerry King

A very, very long time ago a little place called Barreworks opened shop on Queen St. West and hasn’t looked back since. I did visit Barreworks those many, many months ago (more like a year ago now) and really enjoyed what the studio had to offer. As the newest and coolest dance-infused work out, all of a sudden anyone could achieve the benefits of a dancer’s body without having to be a dancer! How great does that sound? No wonder their classes are full beyond capacity each and every day! Which was exactly the case Tuesday evening when I visited the studio for a second time.

Getting ready for some bAAArre action!

Getting ready for some bAAArre action!

Today, Barreworks offers more classes than ever before, has a second (but smaller) studio, and opened a second location on Yonge St. With all these grand expansions, they still carry the same pleasantness as the day I last visited. After figuring out a minor issue of me attending the class — I was not registered and the class was full. Yikes! But Jasmine took good care of me and made sure I got into the class I wanted to take. bAAArre. And yes that’s how it’s spelled. With capital AAA. Which stand for Arms, Abs, and Ass! And holy smokes, my arms, abs, and ass are killing me today.

Barreworks were kind enough to invite Erin and myself to this new class of theirs, but Erin didn’t come with me. Thankfully, my friend and Barreworks advocate, Tiffany Astle, came instead (hi, Tiffany!). She’s been raving about this bAAArre class every time I’d see her. It was time to see for myself what triple A torture this class would put me through.

After a studio walkabout with Jasmine, I was introduced to Gerry (our teacher for the class). Gerry was energetic and excited — I can totally relate! — and made me really excited for class. This class was busy and right away the beats were blaring and our bodies were bumping. The intensity was high, and as I scoped out the room there were ladies in the class who’ve clearly been there before, there were you amateur Barre-ers, and newbies just like me! But regardless of your fitness level, stamina, or physical strength bAAArre is accessible to everyone.  Don’t be fooled by the dance theme of Barreworks, bAAArre did not involve dancing of any sort. Okay, maybe we dance around a little bit, but it was nothing even I couldn’t handle.

Barreworks even offers SpinBarre! That's spinning & barre. Clever!

Barreworks even offers SpinBarre! That’s spinning & barre.

Gerry kept everyone entertained, working hard, and he kicked all our butts at the same time. His energy was hilarious and amazing. The class had just the right amount of variety, we touched on all the major points in the body we needed to without going overboard. I left wanting more. Gerry, I would come back to your class in a heartbeat.

Barreworks only downer is the cost. It is expensive to join: a drop in class is $21 plus tax and packages range from $95 to $750 depending on how many classes you buy, but, this would be a workout worth committing to. The basic exercises do not require a lot of things (you could do this on your own) but the dynamic class energy would be extremely hard to mimic. The studio environment would make each visit a good experience even if you didn’t want to be there. I would think this specific workout would require at least a 3 times per week commitment to see optimal results, but who am I to say. Therefore, I am saying, investing in an unlimited month membership would be you’re best bet. At least for a month and see for yourself.

Take this class if: You want the results of a tough workout without having to do any thinking.

Krudar Round 2


What: Muay Thai Boxing — Beginner’s class
When: Wednesday @ 6pm
Where: Krudar Muay Thai (152 Augusta Ave)
Who: Ryan Wilson

Remember back when, when Erin and I got to punch and kick each other because we were told to do it?! Well we both promised each other we’d go back for another visit in the New Year. Well, Krudar Muay Thai recently under went some major studio changes, relocating to a new (but rather close) part of town and adding new classes to their schedule. It was time to go back and check out the new space!

One of Cecilley’s New Year’s resolutions was to learn Muay Thai, I know, I was kinda surprised too, but I wasn’t going to judge. I thought it was great! And of course I knew the best place to learn. So as a promise to her (and myself) we both went to a beginner thai boxing class with Ryan.

I was excited to see the new set up, and with a personal guided tour from Carina (thanks Carina!) I was really impressed. Not only is this a sweet spot for boxing, but now you can spin, cross train, and kettle bell your day away. I love the set-up Krudar has. By paying a monthly membership, not only are you able to take any class you want, but you have open gym time allowing you to use the studio equipment as you please whenever you please. Although, fees are higher than joining a gym, at Krudar you’re joining a community. And that’s the benefit. It’s worth those extra dollars. And with a $10 intro class deal, why not try a class?

Our beginner class started off with very high intensity for the first part of class (as I anticipated from my last visit). We jumped rope, shadow boxed, ran on the spot, jumped around, kicked the air everything you can imagine, we did. Twice. Or even three times with count downs to 30. The cardio warm up is a work out on its own. But then comes the fun part punching and kicking. Ryan split the class the more advanced students from the beginners and took us – the beginners – to the basement for one-on-one training. Ryan changed things up this time around and the focus was on our kicks (sadly I didn’t get to punch Cecilley. Ha! Sorry Cecilley!). But Cecilley was the lucky lady Ryan demoed on before we all started kicking one another (but not hard, don’t worry). Getting the technique down first is the first step. Then it was my turn and Ryan demoed kicking me in the ribs and showing the proper balance with hitting your target.

After an hour and a half, we called it quits for the night. Another solid experience at Krudar, and another promise to return.

Krudar comes highly recommended! And if you do go, tell them Jill sent you!


Moksha Maple

Moksha Maple, we found you!

Moksha Maple, we found you!

What: Vinyasa Flow
When: Saturday, February 2 @ 1:30pm
Where: Moksha Maple (1480 Major Mackenzie Drive, Unit E8
Maple, ON
Who: Kyneret Azizo


In case you were unaware the littlest Fit Girl, our baby sister Anne, has decided to move to Toronto. Welcome Anne! Now that Anne has officially moved in, found a job, and has a few friends to hang out with, she needs something else to keep her busy. Naturally, Erin and I suggested yoga and running. But Anne was not having it. Some how joining the Toronto Roller Derby came to mind, but that’s a story for Anne to tell.

My last weekend in Toronto was coming up very fast, so Anne and I decided to make a trip to Vaughan Mills for a little shopping. How did this come about? Where Anne needed things to do I suggested she invest in a Passport to Prana to get to know the yoga studios in the city. It was an excellent time to buy because Passport to Prana was giving away a daily prize for those who bought or renewed their card. One day the prize happened to be a $100 gift card to Lululemon. Guess who won? Anne! So to get the most bang for her buck, I offered to drive us to the outlet store where Anne bought THE BEST purple tights and a running head band for me! Thanks, Anne!

Of course, because we drove all this way, I wanted to visit a new Moksha studio.


Anne is ready for some yoga!

Anne is ready for some yoga!

Our arrival to class was magical. The studio shone like a gem amongst a sea rocks. The colours of the studio were like the sea and the greeting we received was warm and inviting. The studio is two years old, but it still smelled brand new.

Our class was also very great. As soon as Kyneret began instructing rhythm and breath, I knew right away, from the tempo of class, she was a vinyasa teacher. But when she sang the ABC’s to our abs sequence (this was the first thing we did in class) I had my doubts for the moment. As the class when on I began to have a lot of fun. We powered through the hour building upon a basic sequence to more and more challenging poses. I liked Kyneret’s series and teaching style very much, and Anne did too.

If I’m ever out that way again I wouldn’t miss the chance to visit Moksha Maple again. Jackie, the studio director, made sure to invite us back. I will be back, Jackie and Kyneret, and when I do I will be a Moksha teacher too!


Moksha LA baby

Moksha Yoga LA, I made it!


While in California, not only did I discover destination races are the best, but destination yoga is also a must. And considering yoga pretty much exists in every part of the world, you will not have a hard time finding a place to practice. Trust me. Or if you’re lucky (like me) and belong to a yoga community, your search practically take cares of itself. You’ll have a difficult time finding city where there isn’t a Moksha Yoga studio. Again, trust me on this. Or if you’re really, really lucky and friended all your teachers (aka Jackie Szabo) they will tell you were you need to go and who to take class from. When I told Jackie I was going to LA after my race she was nice enough to give me a comp card for my visit! Hey, vacations are expensive enough if I can take advantage of a free class I will. I was also on a mission to meet Ezmy Stavroff. Ezmy, if you’re reading this I came by to see you. Twice! I’m sad I missed you, but am really looking forward to seeing you in Costa Rica. Until then…

Yes. I’m going back to Costa Rica. For another yoga retreat.



So, during the very little preplanning Cecilley and I did for our West Coast adventure I made a list of 5 things I wanted to do: run our race (obviously!), find the Full House house, ride a San Francisco Trolley Car, drive over the Golden Gate Bridge, and take a class at Moksha Yoga LA. I did all these things and way more!

The first day Cecilley and I arrived in LA it was very late so we made the plan to visit the studio the following day for the noon class with Emily. I didn’t know it at the time, but Emily was one of the LA co-owners. The studio had a very cool and hip vibe, but the studio, according to Cecilley, isn’t located in the best part of town. But I wasn’t judging. I was in LA and practicing yoga! Where in LA exactly didn’t really matter. The practice room was funky with it’s exposed ceiling and pretty walls and hanging lights, it had a homey feel to it and I could see myself practicing there everyday. Everything was off to a good start in my books. Although I wasn’t greeted with the overwhelming welcomeness I imagined I would receive. Okay, so I may have made it a little too clear I was a Moksha-er from Moksha Downtown and that I knew Jackie – Jackie actually taught at the studio for a month not too long ago. Okay, so I may have made this very clear. But I completely understand why the receptionist and Emily did not reciprocate my over exaggerated excitement for being there. I apologize if I scared anyone. I couldn’t help it I was really happy to be there.

Emily taught a great class which was unexpectedly cut short when an gentleman in the class had a seizure. This was something I’ve never seen nor experience before. Ever. I have to commend the LA staff and the students in class, everyone acted so fast and handled the situation with professionalism and calm. It’s gotta be the yoga! Emily was also kind enough to comp everyone’s class this day which was super kind of her. I hated leaving the studio with that feeling of being on edge. I had to go back and make things right.



So, I went back to the studio the very next day to shake that feeling and start again. It was Friday and Cecilley and I had devoted this day to Venice and to the beach. But first to rekindle my Moksha LA first impression. There was a new receptionist to who was more than helpful and understanding to yesterday’s happening. Again, another excellent start. This noon class was taught by Angela, a 60 minute Moksha. Straight up Moksha is my go to for days I’m feeling off. Angela was extraordinary. Her guidance, her words, she gave the room a real sense of peace and grace (the complete opposite from the chaotic energy I felt the day before). Angela gave me that robust feeling I needed to walk away with, and then some. Having ended class with a quote – “You can’t begin the next chapter of your life if you keep rereading the last one” – it’s like she knew me. She knew exactly what I needed to hear.

And with those words Angela saved Moksha LA for me.


My 45 days at Kula

This is me at yogalites at EnergyXchange. But you get the idea.

If anyone from Moksha Downtown was wondering where I’ve disappeared to for the past two months, don’t worry. I haven’t been kidnapped nor have a fled the country. Answer #1: I was home in July for a refresh and real outdoors Digby adventuring, and for birthday celebrating (not mine or Erin’s but our mother’s)! And Answer #2: I’ve been practicing at Kula. I know! I didn’t think it would ever happen either: the day I bought classes at another studio. Shame on me.

After the few experiences I’ve had a Kula (some great, others not so much), I had very mixed feelings about the space. Right away, I knew it would not be a place I would practice at regularly. But once I let my guard down and began to warm up to Kula a bit, I forgave them for my awful Reiki experience and actually brought an intro special. Lucky for me it was on the perfect day — the day of the Bloor Street Festival — because my 30 day intro turned into 45 days! Lucky me indeed. Kula was celebrating their birthday on June 10th and to celebrate Erin and I went to class for free. One discovery I’ve made – Kula loves birthdays (as do I!) whether it’s theirs or yours, there’s free yoga for everyone!

As you know Erin and JK are Kula advocates and practice there all the time. Given how close I live to the studio — which was too prefect for those early morning 6:30am-ers — I should too. But I’m too attached to my Moksha and can’t break away from it. It’s the yoga I love. But I do love trying new places and a break from the heat and sweat is always a good thing. So the next 45 days would begin a new challenge: to stay away from MYD and only practice at Kula. I had an extra 15 days, I was planning to make the most of it.

To this day I still think of my first class with Christi-an. I fell in love. Her class was pure magic.

I made the effort to try all the classes on the schedule and try a class with every teacher. I did rather well with this, but found my schedule more accommodating to the times Jen Slade taught. Which wasn’t a bad thing. Jen is a singer and. man can she ever belt out a tune. She also has an incredible joyful personality and makes you excited for yoga. Just know with Jen, class will always a surprise. Her music classes and the Power hours were my favourites. Tuesday 10pm nighttime yoga with Lindseed was also very lovely, if you can manage to stay up this late. I also really enjoyed my mornings with Marinella. Nothing like a hot hour and a hard class to wake you up in the morning. And the days where I would do both were both fantastic and tiring.

I have to say when my 45 days were over I was very sad. I think back to all the classes I didn’t get a chance to do and this makes me even sadder. But I guess you can’t win them all. I would have done a 45 day challenge, if June 10th wasn’t the final day of my secret 30 day challenge. 75 days would have just been too much. Or would it?

So with that, I take back my sour feelings towards Kula and would recommend it to everyone. Whether you’re a new or experienced yogi, Kula offers a great variety of classes – hot, power, yin and restorative – you name it. You will find something that works to your individual practice. And with the overwhelming sense of community it really is a space for everyone to enjoy. Oh, and everyone should take a class with Christi-an and some point in your life. Trust me on this.

Thank you, Kula, for a fun and challenging 45 days. JK, I hope I made you proud.

A Barreworks Review

What: Barreworks Mixed Level
When: Sunday @ 10am
Where: Barre Works (625 Queen Street West, 3rd Floor)
Who: Paulina Witkowski

I did take a picture of the studio!

Remember my friend Tiffany? Yes, the crazy yin obsessed yogi (just like me) who convinced me to do my first 30 day challenge? Well, it just so happens she hasn’t been around the studio much these days. But nor have. I’ve become a regular at Kula for the month of July. More on that later! JK will be so proud of me and the positive things I have to say.

But Tiffany hasn’t been to Kula. Where could she have run off to? Well I got to the bottom of this and figured out where in the world Tiffany Astle went.

I’ve come to discover, Tiffany hasn’t been practicing yoga at all. Nope, Tiffany my friends, been cheating on Moksha Downtown with Barreworks! What? Oh my! But after my first introduction to the ballet style work out at the Extension Room, I honestly can’t blame her.

Even though the Extension Method class I went to was clearly not my most graceful of work out experiences for me. Let me tell you it was still a tough workout, despite the coordination needed to fluidly dance around. This type of work out requires your total body, every muscle in your arms, legs, butt and face. You lift your arms, kick your legs and point your toes and you’re told to do this while smiling. Ugh? Believe it or not smiling is a work out for your face. Go figure, no wonder dancers look so happy all the time. You can only imagine how intrigued I was by this Barreworks Tiffany spoke of. I assumed it would be of similar style and require the same amount of coordination that Jennifer demanded of me. But that Tiffany, she wouldn’t give up. She was so persistent on having me tag along for a class. And she promised there would be no dancing. Okay, maybe the occasional hop-step-hop-step sequence, but I could handle that much, at least I hoped so. For weeks, I had yet to go. Can you blame me, every time is saw Tiffany she would complain about how much she hurt or how badly the teacher kicked her ass that day. This doesn’t help with the convincing aspect, Tiffany.

Until one day, Tiffany and I finally scheduled an actual date outside of yoga, (see we really are friends) and this date would include a Barreworks class. Hey, where your first class is only $10, you really have no reason to not try it at least once, so I sucked it up and signed up for the Barreworks Mixed Level class. The bran new studio still smelled and shined of newness. It was even more beautiful when I actually entered the studio. It’s spacious, friendly, and the owner (a too cute older gentleman) couldn’t do enough for you. To my surprise, I felt right at home.

Barreworks as limited classes, four different types to be exact, but I guarantee each time you take the same class it will be different. Paulina was our teacher on that Sunday. No wonder it was called Mix Level because we covered everything. Every possible Barrwork exercise and we used all the different props at least a zillion times. This was another total body explosion! But not in a hard, “there is no possible way I can get through this” kind of way. I felt strong, silly and got a good sweat on that morning. And what I really liked, we were constantly moving. But there were breaks for water so don’t stress to badly. It’s meant to be fun remember. Yes, there is a serious component if you want to make it so, but for me, when I can see myself and see how ridiculous I look when I try to plie I cannot take myself seriously. Maybe one day with a little practice. Or a lot of practice. But until then, I would recommend Barreworks as a substitute to the gym. Go with a bunch of your girlfriends (sorry guys there were zero males in my class of 25-30) not to say that boys are not allowed at Barreworks, as I’m sure they are. I see Barreworks as the perfect fit recommendation for those people I see in yoga classes all antsy and disappointed because yoga wasn’t a hard enough workout. There are restful elements, like yoga, but you have work for that reward. You will sweat enough to work your whole body real good no matter your dancing skill or fitness level. Barreworks is designed for everyone – another major plus – I felt this about the space as soon as I arrived and I really appreciate that. You too, will have fun dancing and sculpting your body, that I can promise. Maybe go to a class that Tiffany is at. She will make it that much more fun. Trust me.

Take this class if: You’re on the hunt for a total body workout, you won’t dread going to.

Stretching, all zen-like

What: Zen Stretch
When: Monday @ 11:30
Where: The Yoga Sanctuary (95 Danforth Avenue)
Who: Bodhi Batista


Being the lucky Ontario residents that we are, Jill and I had Monday off for Family Day! So we made plans as a family — Zen Stretch at the Yoga Sanctuary followed by all that Glee and New Girl and Smash that Jill was looking forward to. Why Zen Stretch? Why not? It’s intrigued me ever since it showed up on the Yoga Sanctuary schedule, but since it was always during the day, I never had a chance to check it out. A holiday Monday after a run-filled week seemed like the perfect time for it.

Bodhi was super nice and keen for all the Family Day newbies to become Zen Stretch converts. I told him I was a runner at the beginning of the class (I was still hurting from the 20k long run the day before) so every time we did a stretch that was “great for runners”, Bodhi made sure I knew about it.

Jill doing one of the harder Zen Stretch poses. Yes, this one is hard. Really.


So. Zen Stretch is weird. And weirdly hard. It’s a combination of yoga and martial arts: all the poses are based in yoga, but instead of stretching and settling into the pose, you squeeze or push with one specific muscle group for 10 breaths. Change pose, squeeze, repeat, for 75 minutes. Some poses were way more difficult than others, some were fairly easy. I think it depends on your body and what kinds of fitness you bring to you practice (just like, well, yoga). Jill and I both had a hard time keeping our bums off the ground and doing any pose that required balance and squeezing. We tried our best, we really did! But several of the elder gentlemen in the room (Bodhi seems to have a very dedicated senior citizen following) kicked our asses.

The next day, I was sore. This was unexpected, as while some aspects of the class were harder than others, overall, I found it less difficult to go through than your typical Moksha class. But I guess that’s the point of Zen Stretch. While I don’t think I’ll become a Zen Stretch convert any time soon (sorry, Bodhi!), Jill and I had fun trying out something different and getting a better workout than we realized.


Take this class if: you’re looking to mix things up with your yoga routine, just a little bit.







Happy Gravity Strength to me


What: Gravity Strength, 45 minutes
When: Friday at 12:30pm
Where: Get Spun (129 Spadina Avenue)
Who: Christie Ness

So last week being Valentine’s Day in all, what was a fit, single gal to do? Seeing I had no plans made for myself, nor did I want to impose on Erin’s potential plans…

Who are we kidding what I really wanted to do was watch Glee and New Girl and Smash in that order until we were all caught up to date. But, being the good middle sister that I am, I thought it would be best to let Erin enjoy the night with Matt and their television alone.

What was the next best option? Why, taking a Gravity Strength class after work that’s what! I wasn’t going to let being single on the one day all single girls are suppose to loath get me down. I went online and registered for a Gravity class at Get Spun, thinking my 5 class card covered Gravity classes (sadly, it did not). I did not know this at the time. Then what happens, as I’m pleasantly preparing for the killer workout that’s about to take place: class was cancelled. I guess the teacher had better plans for the evening than to Gravity train me. But, that’s totally okay (I hope the teacher, whoever it was scheduled to be, had a lovely night). I wasn’t going to let this upset me either, I had a back up plan (girls, you should always have a back up plan). Mine was a yoga class at Moksha Yoga Downtown. Yoga wouldn’t cancel on me, this I know. And disappoint it did not – more like my secret Valentine in disguise. What did my little heart burst at the sight of, but an insane amount of chocolate covered strawberries! No wonder I love this place so much.

After yoga, then dinner and a movie at home with my new roommate, I was beyond happy. And it gets better. After finding out class was cancelled Christie Ness kindly sent me an email inviting me to reschedule my date with Gravity Strength for anytime I wanted. I picked Friday afternoon, after cancelling an evening date I thought it’s best to keep it casual for the second try. Christie welcomed me to class with open arms and to my surprise Gravity training is really hard. With the primary focus on core strength (you have to engage your core in everything you do otherwise you may fall face first off the sliding seat, or backwards depending on what you’re doing), I quickly discovered my core is not strong at all. This was a big downer and rather disappointing, but, luckily for Christie, I loved the class so much I may have to schedule a third date. Even after all the trouble it put me through.

Christie was the perfect instructor and gave me a lot of individual attention. Being new to this training, I had no idea what I was doing. Christie may look nice and sweet, but don’t let the niceness fool you. You will work hard in her class.


Take this class if: you want a great total body workout.


The Awesomeness of Jesse


What: All Levels, 90 minutes
When: Sunday at 11:15am
Where: Octopus Garden (967 College Street)
Who: Jesse



Somewhere along the way of my 30 day challenge I got chatting with Nicole (a teacher at Moksha Yoga Downtown) one Thursday night about things I could do to mix up my yoga routine (including yoga quickies) studios I should go to, and teachers in the city I need to take class from. She highly recommended I take a class with Jesse at Octopus Garden. Who this Jesse was I had no idea, but if your name is Jesse you are already awesome in my mind. I have yet to meet a Jesse I don’t like: Uncle Jesse, Jesse St. James, Jesse from Gilmore Girls are all perfect examples of awesome Jesses.

So last Sunday, I rolled out of bed early enough to eat, get some coffee into me and mentally prepare for the class to come. I was really excited to see the new space on my march down to College Street. I’ve been to the studio once while the renovations where still underway and haven’t been back since completion. Boy, did I arrived to a pleasant surprise. The smell of the studio was to die for. If you love the Urban Herbivore in Kensington Market you’ll be happy to know another location exists right in the studio! Yum! The bright, vibrant, and spacious studio is just fun to look at. I checked in with my Passport to Prana (which was kind of a drag because at Octopus Garden your first week is free. Unlimited drop in classes for 7 full days. Now that’s a yoga deal, and a perfect reason to indulge at the cafe for a whole week).

When 11am rolled around Jesse entered the practice room. And we got right to work. He spoke as nicely as he looked and seemed, this is one fit yoga man. Flow after flow to twists and crow pose, to putting our legs over our shoulders and lifting off the ground, I was a beyond confused. And Jesse did all this while laughing and cracking jokes! Jesse’s humour got me though the class not his instructions. Nicole told me his classes always make her laugh, now I know why. Stunned by his yoga insane moves, I would go back just to watch Jesse do yoga.


Take is class if: you’re not taking yoga to seriously and looking for a fun challenge.



Where’s the Reiki?


What: Reiki Restorative, 90 minutes
When: Friday at 8:30pm
Where: Kula Toronto (304 Brunswick Avenue)
Who: Chrys


Last year I was introduced to the wonders of Reiki Restorative yoga at Kula. Living practically beside the studio you’d think I would be there all the time. But, for some reason I wasn’t sold on the place. Could it be my completely unbiased love for Moksha? Perhaps. That was until Jackie Szabo hypnotized me with the Reiki, and I didn’t even know what this meant. I love yin yoga, but I lovveee restorative too. It’s basically sleeping while you’re in a pose. And there are blankets, and cushions involved.

Let’s face it. I just love yoga. Period. But, I was a skeptic about this Reiki business. Figured it was just another sell-on-yoga-inspired nonsense. Seriously though, how does someone “play” with your energy? I don’t know. But, Jill (the Reiki teacher) can and does.


Source: via June on Pinterest



I took my good friend (and yin partner in crime Parul) because she too trusts everything Jackie says. I felt the teacher outlining my body without even touching me. It was a crazy feeling, but if you want an even crazier story, you’ll have to ask Parul for hers.

So another year later I march myself back over to Kula on a Friday evening just for Reiki. Knowing Erin and I were going to Joga the next morning, I figured a restorative class (with Reiki!) would be perfect.

To my surprise, and sheer disappointment, my second Kula experience did not live up to its expectations at all. Arriving to what looked like a group of distracted staff, I signed in for class and was left wondering where on earth I should go and what I should be doing. I followed the sound of ladies voices and luckily found the right change room. Okay, I know the studio isn’t all that big and next impossible to get lost in, but I like having people give me directions even if I already know know where I’m going, or just ask me if I’ve been here before. This makes me feel welcomed and not scared to be there taking the class.

So off I go into class not knowing anything or what props I needed. Again, I just followed crowd. Once in class Chrys announces there is no Reiki instructor for the evening. WHAT?! This was the reason why I came! If only I had of known this earlier I would have saved my class on my Passport to Prana for another Friday evening when Jill would have been there. Please, Kula, next time have this info on the website. Or at least let me know before I sign in.

The class was still nice to take, but I left feeling very sad on the inside.


Take (the actual Reiki) class if: You want a gental release from your practice and are open to the idea of energy.