Race Results

Erin’s race results


Sporting Life 10k: 57:14

Goodlife Toronto Half Marathon: 2:16:52

Beaches Jazz Tune-Up 10k: 58:10

A Midsummer’s Night Run 15k: 1:48:23

Oasis Zoo Run 10k: 59:56

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon: 2:16:48


Around the Bay 30k: 3:29:36

Harry Spring Run-Off 8k: 49:37

Toronto Yonge Street 10k: 54:57

Goodlife Toronto Half Marathon: 2:14:08

Highland Yard 10k: 1:00:02

A Midsummer’s Night Run 15k: 1:30:35

Island Girl Half Marathon Relay: 1:01:41 (Erin’s leg)/1:54:55 (team result)


Around the Bay 30k: 3:07:47

Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon: 4:38:35

Port Union Waterfront 10k: 52:33

Island Girl Half-Marathon Relay:  56:36 (Erin’s leg)/ 1:51:02 (team result)

County Half-Marathon: 2:07:58

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half-Marathon: 1:56:49


Around the Bay: 2:59:15

Jill’s race results


Harry Spring Run-Off 5k: 26:07

Toronto Yonge St. 10k: 54:57

A Midsummer’s Night Run 15k: 1:22:43

Island Girl Half Marathon Relay: 53:11 (Jill’s leg)/1:54:55 (team result)

San Francisco Nike Women’s Half Marathon: 2:09:29


Around the Bay 30k: 3:09:08

Blue Nose Half Marathon: 1:52:01

Island Girl Half Marathon Relay:  54:26 (Jill’s leg)/ 1:51:02 (team result)

County Marathon: 4:13:52



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