Sister Act: 108 Yoga


Photo1 (4)What: Strength and Length
When: Friday @ 12:10 p.m.
Where: 108 Yoga (1496 Lower Water St. Suite 411 Halifax, Nova Scotia)
Who: Sarah Bannerman Andrews

The day before a race I like to do nothing. It’s probably the one and only time I actually can convince myself that doing nothing is okay. I have this weird thought process if I run, or even do yoga, before a race I might throw off my tempo or mess up my knees. What if I fell or injured myself? Something bad could happen to me and then I wouldn’t be able to run! I know this is completely not true (or is it?) but you just never know!

Before I run a race I also have this thing that I must do yoga before race day. Not the day before, but the day before the day before. I needed to go to a class on Friday, in case I completely confused you. Plus I was in Halifax and the new Moksha Bedford studio just opened. I wanted to go! But, sadly, Erin was not in the mood for hot yoga or anything that required any effort. Not that I could blame her, she was running the marathon after all!

After doing looking up yoga studios in Halifax (there are not that many compared to Toronto!), Erin found us a class called Strength and Length at 108 Yoga. This sounded interesting enough. It was a 45 minute class – just long enough and it didn’t sound too hard. The only trouble was making it there in time.

After we zipped downtown as quickly as we could, we arrived just in time. Whew! The studio was located in the Brewery Market, a great Halifax “must see.” It was dark and quaint with beautiful dark floors (just like home, for those who practice at Moksha Downtown) and our teacher (and the studio manager) Sarah was so sweet. The atmosphere was all around welcoming and peaceful you couldn’t help but feel happy to be there and on our mat.

The class was indeed every gentle and lived up to its name. With a lot of stretching and restorative postures woven into a gentle flow, I felt super afterward. The movements felt effortless as Sarah lengthened us from finger tips to our tippy toes, both in standing postures as well as on all fours and the best part, while we were on the floor. The strength component came with the longer holds and the core work which carried into every transition and into every pose. I was ready. Ready to run!

Despite the individual class price being a little steep ($20, but mat rental was free), being a Moksha teacher has it’s perks (teachers pay $5 for class). Given the great experience, it’s worth it for a one time drop-in. But you can get a good deal on a group package or monthly pass, for any Haligonian looking for a studio to call home. The instructions were clear and the class size was just right.

Take this class if: You’re a runner! You need a gentle stretch or a break from your regular pratice, or you’re new to yoga and what to know what all the hype is about.