My Week in Costa Rica – Day 2

Okay it has been far too long between Day 1 and Day 2 posts. I am sorry. I know you’re all dying to hear more of my vacation of a lifetime. Erin and I are back from vacations and ready to take on the spring fitness season (more like summer with the weather we’ve seen).

Day 2 was our first full day in Costa Rica! Waking up to the sunshine, monkey’s chirping at us to rise and shine (do monkey’s chirp?), either way, the exotic wildlife was summoning me to the house for our morning ritual of fresh fruit and coffee surrounded in silence. After the morning mediation, lead by Allison, Jackie guided us through a crazy vinyasa class. Crazy as in crazy awesome! I’ve been taking Jackie’s 4pm vinyasa class at Moksha Downtown for the past few months (yes months) all in preparation for this very moment. This class rocked! The creative movement from binds, to bird of paradise through to tree pose was fun! Jackie’s unique transitions keeps you on your toes. Literally.

Then we ate. I look forward to this part the mostest. Then Allison was offering acupuncture sessions in the afternoon for anyone wanting one. After my painful experience from the night before, then falling asleep, I convinced myself to give it another try. When was I ever going to get free acupuncture in Costa Rica ever again? The night before Allison placed a pin in everyone’s zen spot (only if you wanted her to of course). I knew I was carrying a lot of “stuff” in my head these past few weeks, but I was not expecting the pain that came from it. I wanted to rip that pin out and throw it away! My whole head ached from my brain through my face. It was awful. Then magically the pain softened into a head ache then disappeared completely. Needless to say, I was terrified for what could come of this session. Allison suggested a heart opening treatment after I explained last night’s torture and that I didn’t have any aches or muscles to target, with the exception of my head.

Acupuncture is weirdly relaxing. For people who regularly go for treatments, I apologize. This was a whole new experience for me, which I feel obligated to share (it was one of those big moment during this retreat). Sticking pins in places where energy blocks are stored, that’s kinda weird. But when you actually feel heat coming from these spots you didn’t know could hold stress, that was cool. Allison has a voice of an angel and one that I can dose off to without knowing what is happening. She ended the treatment with balancing and grounding exercises, which was basically massaging my head. But then she placed her hands on the top of my head and a huge wave of energy flushed out of my body from the top of my head out through my feet. Dead serious. Like I said I knew I was carrying a lot of thoughts, stress, impossible or impractical dreams, and who knows what else, but I have never felt anything like Allison’s magic ever. I’ve been converted to a believer in the acupuncture.

Then we went to the beach! What else was I to do after the morning I just experienced? We finished the night off with an energy releasing yin class Brendan lead which involved partners (I guess his dancers do this for moves they have trouble with). I can see how this would relax your body. We did everything from hips to chest openers, it was lovely.

Another great day, full of new emotions and experiences. Next up I learn to surf!