Extension moves like Jennifer


What: Allegro Ballet Boot Camp
When: Tuesday @ 6:30
Where: The Extension Room (30 Eastern Avenue)
Who: Jennifer Nichols

I’m putting it out there – I always wanted to be a dancer growing up. Always. I just can’t help myself with movies like Save the Last Dance, Center Stage, and Step Up (I had to throw in a Channing Tatum reference!). Not to mention, I idolized Stephanie Tanner as a kid. Her fun aerobic routines that would get Uncle Jesse and Uncle Joey sweating up a storm just to keep up. Stephanie was clearly my favorite, she could totally relate to my middle child symdrom.

To this day I still hold a slight resentment towards my mother for not enrolling me in dance as a child. But if my dancing skills at the Extension Room were any indication of what my early years would have been like, I should probably thank my Mom for saving me a lot of embarrassment. Thanks Mom, I guess.

First discovery I made about dancers, no wonder their bodies are completely amazing. What they do, it’s not easy! And here I thought I was flexible — to a certain degree — because of yoga. But no. If anything this Ballet Boot Camp put me to shame. I had no idea what Ballet Boot Camp was until Cecilley brought it up once. And since this day, I’ve wanted nothing more then to try it. Clearly, work out dancing would be amazing. Apparently it’s the new work out craze, and no wonder. I would love to Ballet Sculpt every chance I had – if it meant I’d be on my way like Billy Elliott. Lucky for me, Team In Training mentor Cory Pagett, was planning a cross training event for us (as a mentor it is your duty to plan a fun run or something for the group to do outside our weekly runs). Cory planned classes at the Extension Room for us. Oh boy! destiny awaits, I would Take the Lead once and for all.

Fat chance.

Walking into the studio, I wasn’t afraid. But having left, it took some of my confidence with it. I will be back for this! I should blame Cory for his strong emphasis on the fact that no classical dance experience is required. Lies! Okay, may be that’s not entirely true. If you have some dance knowledge it will help a lot. Don’t go into this particular class blindsided – though you’ll probably be better off than I was. And having a bit of rhythm wouldn’t hurt.

The Extension Room has a welcoming intimidation to it, so don’t be fooled by the niceness it portrays. It will kick your butt and sole all at the same time. But will leave you wanting more. How? I don’t really know. I think it’s Jennifer and her hypnotizing movements. If only I moved and looked the like Jennifer. God love her for putting up with me, I really felt (and I’m sure it looked like) had no idea what I was doing!

Although Jennifer was a great teacher, I could not for the life of me know what was going on, when and where to kick my legs, then point my feet, and wave our arms, then to do this all at once was very hard for a first timer like me. The jumping, squatting, and core work at the end of class, however, I could do that. I enjoyed the uptempo and high energy of the class. You literally keep moving and don’t stop till the hour is done. That I liked.

Simpler instructions would have helped me, but I may have been too fixated on Jennifer. I’m a visual learner, I need to see what it is I’m supposed to be doing. Next time I will try and listen and use the mirror for myself. And maybe not stare at Jennifer so much.

Cory thanks for your help, I needed your words of encouragement more than ever that night.

Take this class if: You are ready for the ultimate dance work out.


Bonus! For your viewing pleasure, here’s a classic Stephanie Tanner dance routine.