The County Marathon Recap

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 9.31.18 AMHoly moly, I ran a marathon!!! I am a marathoner now. And I have to say it’s a good feeling. Crossing that finish line, seeing the 40k sign on the course knowing the end was in sight, thinking about all the conversations Julie and I would be having at pretty much every point along the way, thinking about Alice and all the training runs I didn’t do, then realizing how much bloody running I actually did with the Running Room all for this one race, thinking how in the world was I feeling as good as I was? (I didn’t think that was possible!), thanking my lucky stars for living with Charlie at this point in time because I don’t think there was one thing I personally owned that I wore on race day (thanks, Charlie!), thinking how am I still alive and walking around and not sore afterward (I wasn’t sore at all really, not to rub it in), and most of all how happy I was that Erin was there to share this weekend with me. She was dead set on me having a good time which was accomplished just fine. I didn’t understand her rationale for it all, at the time, but once it was all over I got it. I realized a marathon is not just a race, but an experience, and a huge accomplishment too. So I listened to her and soaked it all in, but only after I was able to breathe normally again.

As I hinted ever so slightly in training week 15, and Erin mentioned it too in her half marathon recap, I sure did run a marathon!

A long time ago when I thought running a marathon would be fun, mind you this was at a time when I was excited about running. This moment was minutes after completing the Nike Women’s Half Marathon. It then hit me again when Erin finished her marathon. That did it for me. It was now or never (back in the spring) to decide would I or wouldn’t I? I knew I would, but when was the real question. Then an even more important question come up – after registering for Alice’s Running Room Clinic – what race would I run? Knowing I had Bali to look forward to in late October, the County Marathon was my only option… but you’ve all heard this story already.

Driving in the car with Erin allowed for some serious bonding time. I missed Erin and with all the summer craziness behind us – little sister Anne moving to town, me trying to figure out my life and working three jobs while marathon training, and Erin being busy too – we ended up spending zero time together this summer and that made me sad. But when she signed up for the half marathon you’d think I’d be thrilled, but at the time I didn’t really care. I know this wasn’t very sisterly of me, but like I said we hadn’t spent much time together and this was just another race, right? Wrong! Looking back now I’m so glad Erin was there. My race would have been completely different had she not have been there. I owe it to Erin for running fast!

Erin’s marathon (The Bluenose) was a full on family affair, which was great and what she wanted, but I could have cared less for mine. I signed up thinking I’d go alone or drag Cecilley with me, but Erin was either not impressed this this idea or just really wanted to run herself? Or maybe she really loves me and wanted to be there to support me! She did have this idea that a marathon is special and supposed to be fun. Again, I could have cared less. I wanted to run the race, have it be over, then drink lots of wine to celebrate or drown my sorrows. Either way the end of the race was looking good. I didn’t know what to expect so I didn’t want to get too excited in case the race was horrible. And I didn’t want to be down right terrified either because it could be great! Oh my running heart! Marathon’s are so confusing!

Closer to marathon weekend after Erin and I figured out all the details to our trip and my mind began to settle. Picton was super pretty and reminded me so much of rural Nova Scotia. When Erin and I arrived at our little Bed and Breakfast (thank you Erin for organizing pretty much everything!) I felt like we were living in Stars Hallow. And this made me happy! As Erin mentioned it was super close to the finish line – amazing planning on Erin’s part, who knew what was going to happen to me once the race was over. That Erin, she was looking out for me… or was just planning for the worst possible scenario? But I knew I was going to be fine. I kept telling myself that. There was nothing more I could do to prepare, so I might as well start thinking about the end instead of the race itself. All I had to do was eat, sleep, wake up early, eat again, then run very far, how hard could it be?

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 9.32.46 AMThat evening we walked the town in search of a good dinner spot. Eating a good meal was super important. We settled on a very safe choice of veggies, bread and dips, and various salads we picked out at the grocery store. I was very pleased and so was Erin. Then came race morning! Although I was nervous I kept my cool. It didn’t really matter then if I ran fast or slow or would crawl across the finish line all I knew was this marathon was happening. End of story.

Erin escorted me to the bus pick up spot in the pouring rain. Why was it raining?! Of all days to rain, the day of my race. I mean really, come on. The bus ride felt long, but I busily packed my gels away in their appropriate places in my sports bra, turned on Charlie’s Garmin and set my 10 and 1’s, packed my granola bar and salt tabs in their poaches, filled two of my (or rather Charlie’s) fuel belt water bottles with Vega electrolytes, put on my hat, tied up my shoelaces, and waited. There is a serious pre race routine that has to be done, ask any runner, it’s not just me. As I waited around for 7:45am, I paced, peed a zillion and one times, and then I called my Mommy. I got really nervous all of a sudden, but I was also ready. It was a very weird mix of emotions to have. But Mom came though for me (as usual) in these dire moments before competition.

The start was across the road from the arena we were waiting in. I put my head phones in my ears, but didn’t turn on my music. I was unsure of it’s battery power and didn’t want to waste it. Charlie, I borrowed even your iPod shuffle. Mine would not have lasted the length of the race and I didn’t charge it before hand. So, thanks Charlie!

Then I was off. The 10 and 1’s were set, I was running just fine, but then quickly realized I had no idea what my pace was let alone figure out how to see it on the Garmin. Oh no! I guess not everything can go according to plan. But I felt amazing very early on (and that I was thankful for) settling into a grove (which I didn’t know at the time was a pace pretty much on track of a 2:00 fist half). As Erin explained earlier, the half started exactly 2 hours after the full. If I stuck to the right time we’d meet and run the second leg of my race (Erin’s full race) together. And all went according to plan even trough I was 6 minutes off pace, which was much faster than then 2:20 I thought I was going to finish at. I didn’t feel slow – there were portions of the race I felt slower, but nothing to start worrying about. I was trying to calculate my pace at each water break with my walk breaks. At first I was bang on walking at each 2k, but that didn’t last for too long (I either sped up or slowed down, I’m still unsure). In my head I was never going to see Erin! But soon I’d come to realize how wrong I was.

Somehow I managed to make it all the way to 17k without needed to fuel up. I honestly felt that good. I took a gel here because 17k has always been my struggling point. But not this time! I flew on by and crused to the 21.1k where I jumped for joy having spotted Erin. The plan worked! Running 10 and 1’s was super helpful and gave me time to check in. Did I need water? Electrolytes, or a salt tab, or a gel? During training walk breaks were just that, a break! But a break I’d be dying for. During the marathon I was focused and somehow very prepared. I didn’t want the walk breaks and I didn’t feel like I needed them. This did change, however, going past 22k. My walk breaks then became something I wanted. But I was okay with that.

At 11k I took a salt tab just to keep my mind on track as I wasn’t sure if I’d keep sailing through at the pace that I was. I stuck to the pattern of water/electrolytes, salt tab, water/electrolytes, gel for the whole race. I didn’t ever want to get to the point of where I would need something, then I know I’d be in trouble. Lucky for me this feeling hit me once around 38k, also to my surprise I brought more with me then I ended up needing. At 38k I did need my granola bar fuel to change things up and to chew on something (this takes your mind away from the fact your still running and still have just under 5k to go) this I needed to get me through to the end.

The first half I found myself running on my own, then I’d catch the 4:15 pace group for a while, there was also two ladies I would try to catch – that was a fun game to play – but of course would lose whomever I was trying to catch when my walk breaks would start. I hated walking at this point! It was so fustrating getting so close to the group (or persons) then having to watch them dart off and out of sight.

It wasn’t until Erin and I started running together when my determined mind power strated to really test me. Erin, early on, lead the way and ran just ahead of me, which was very nice at fist – I knew Erin could be the pacer at this point and steer us into a 2:00 finish – I trusted her to lead me home. Together we passed so many people including the 4:15 group. Yes! We were right on track and I was still feeling great. Erin was looking great too, from what I could tell. But then somewhere between 25k and 30k things, for whatever reason, started to piss me off. Erin was in my space, I hated having her in front of me, I wanted to shake this so bad. Why was I getting so angry?! Sorry, Erin, it was nothing you did at all. I love you!

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 9.33.34 AMI was able to get it together once we approached the Sandy Banks and ran though the provincial park. The trees over hanging, engulfing us in and blocking the rain and the wind for a few kilometers, it was lovely. It was still raining at this point and continued to do so for god knows how long. But here I felt back on track! I kept telling myself at this point “Just get to 36k, just make it to 36k”. 32k was the furthest distance I’ve ever run, but my training had prepared me for 36k and beyond. It’s the last 10k that’s the real mind game. You’ve already passed the physical test. But when you know you’re entering unfamiliar territory it’s both amazing and terrifying. What happens then? Do you hit a wall and come to a dead stop? Does your body tap out and that’s it? When we surpassed 36k I got my answer… my legs kept going! Crazy I know! The real challenge for me – when I started to feel it and wanted this run to end was between 35k and 38k – it also didn’t help that the only hill in Picton (and along the route) happened at kilometer 37, which Erin kindly noted a dinner the night before. Great. But I saw that hill, and powered up it. Erin eventually caught up to me and we ran together again until the 39k mark. At this point the 4:15ers had caught us, we were playing catch and go for a little ways, until they took off which seemed like an insane distance a head of us. At the next water break I said to Erin “They’re so far ahead of us!”. “Don’t even worry about them,” was her response. Me (in my head): “Forget that nonsense! I’m catching them!” And so I did. I saw the 40k sign and booted it to the end. I ran like I’ve never ran before, catching the attention of my locals in the crowd. Note to everyone: wearing a marathon bib automatically gets you more cheers! I was feeling great! But still wanted this dam run to be over.

Then I saw the grocery store we bought our dinner at, then our B&B, and then sure enough, the finish line! One existed after all! Then I ran. I ran past the 4:15 pace bunny, through the cheering spectators and through to the finish line! It was finally over. But at that second when I turned around to see Erin crossing the finish behind me – that’s where it hit me. I just ran a marathon and thought to myself I could have gone further or need to run another one. Seriously, I’ve gone mad.

My splits were almost identical at 2:06 and 2:07 respectfully, finishing at a time of 4:14. Erin was screaming “You did it!” when I finished. “I know.” I did just run a marathon. And I did so under 4:15!

Take that 4:15. I did it. But I could not have done this all on my very own. Thank you Erin!! And Julie! And Alice, the 4:30 Running Room ladies, the Running Room clinic, yin yoga with Julia, Jackie and all my yoga teachers at MYD, and of course Lee Ann (she was the reason I could run my long run on Sundays with the clinic!). And thank you Mommy for giving me the confidence to run fast right before the race when I needed it, even though you weren’t there to see me run. Next time!

Running a marathon sure is an experience, and apparently requires a thank you speech.


Jill’s Marathon Training Week #14

Last long run with the Running Room ever! My Sundays will never be the same!

Last long run with the Running Room ever! My Sundays will never be the same!

At week 15 I knew my training days were numbered. I had exactly two weeks left till The County Marathon. At this point all hope felt lost. My short runs, and even the long ones, didn’t seem worth it anymore. All I wanted was for this stupid race to happen and be over with! I was getting really anxious for my marathon, but at the same time I wanted to find a way to actually enjoy it. But how? Running 42.2k can’t be enjoyable?! Or can it? Erin seemed to really enjoy her first marathon so maybe it is possible. I’m sure there will be good moments and bad ones too, but running for that length of time your mind and emotions are bound to change, like every kilometre that’s my guess.

On top of all that is going on – in addition to my race – I was also packing to move out of my apartment for the end of the month and trying to get my personal life sorted out. With the wild summer that was, I was in for a much needed break! I’m attending another yoga retreat (this time in Bali!) with Jackie and Julia and have decided to stay in Bali for quite sometime. Cecilley will be coming with me! So have no fear for me I will not be alone on this giant travel I have planned. Which brings me to Monday – Monday was a packing day. Oh, I hate moving and packing with a passion. And I’m so bad at it! But thankfully Cecilley is not and knew where to step in and help me stay on track. Monday I also practiced yoga, clearly I had to more than once!

Because Monday was a total write off for moving/working purposes I made Tuesday the day I would add on the extra milage I didn’t do in week 13 after The Island Girl Relay. As bad of a marathon trainer I’ve been, when Alice tells me to do something I try and do it. Her instructions for this week were to begin tapering and start dropping down. But I needed another long run under my belt first! And the 27k I did alone seemed to help my moral. Wednesday was another day of doing a whole lot of packing and not a lot of running, but I was okay with taking a rest day. I did run really far the day before. When Thursday rolled around I promised myself I would go to the Running Room clinic, which I did and ran a solo 8k. But it was the talk before the run that really peeked my interest. Liz, a running blogger and marathon runner, battled with weight issues her whole life and shared her story with all of us and how running changed her idea of heath and wellbeing. I really enjoyed it!

This is Liz talking to our marathon group. She is great!

This is Liz talking to our marathon group. She is great!

Friday was a full day of yoga for me – both teaching and practicing – I taught two classes and took two classes. I needed to get something done because Saturday was going to be another write off from running. Cecilley and I planned a giant yard sale to sell all of my things before moving out. It was actually a pretty great afternoon. Then Sunday I woke up early to run the Sunday long run with the Running Room. This would be my very last before my marathon! I know Alice said to taper, but I couldn’t help myself. I needed to know I had another 32k in me before the marathon. I didn’t get the 36k training run in (way, way back when) and it was stressing me out. So I let myself run the 32k and didn’t even care. I knew what I needed to do. But holy moly it was long! This run literally took forever, but the good thing about it, it wasn’t terrible.

So 32k was tapering for me this week and I didn’t run much more other then that. Sorry Alice, this was bad. But I needed to run with Julie and my 4:30 pace ladies one last time.

I will miss you all 4:30’s. It’s been fun!

Jill’s Marathon Training Week #13

Oh goodness, my marathon is weeks away. Weeks! And with all the training and running I’ve been doing you’d think I’d feel somewhat ready. This is not the case. Well some days it is and other days it is not. Although my epic long run with Julie – ya the run were we ran to Downsview – actually went really well, but there are just so many runs I keep thinking about where I didn’t run or skipped out and did something else. I’m starting to worry those decisions are going to come back to haunt me come race day. I haven’t gotten enough long runs in, didn’t do enough hill training, nor have I run any sprints. Oh goodness October 6th could be terrible.

Morning sunrise from the Beaches. So pretty!

Morning sunrise from the Beaches. So pretty!

So Monday, like most Mondays during training, was spent doing yoga. I taught the morning community class, stayed and practiced, then came back that evening to work the desk, then practiced again because I always take the 9:45pm class on Monday. Tuesday I taught again and practiced that evening. Alice was teaching I had to practice! But it was another day I didn’t run. Of course. Wednesday I met Julia – she was in a “I need to go for a run mood” just as bad as I was – we ran a quick little 3k around Trinity Bellwoods before her class and I ended up teaching again at MYD this day! Thursday was Running Room Clinic night and thank goodness I did make it to the run, this night I actually ran fast! And felt good about it. It’s those moments when you feel like a hope is lost, then all of a sudden you gain a burst of endurance and take off. This is exactly what happened and it was so great. I needed a good run knowing Erin and I had the Island Girl Relay to run on Sunday. We had a goal in mind placing in the top 10 and perhaps a podium finish? Ha! Or not.

Friday I had a date with Marianne to go SUPing one last time before the season ended. We drove out to the Beaches for our last paddle with Jennifer and caught one more sunrise for last time. It was another beautiful morning. Afterward we headed back to the studio and I took the 10am class. Yes, I am yoga obsessed. When Saturday rolled around I took a break from the heat and went to Kula instead for a hour flow class. It was lovely.

Sunday was race day! Erin recapped her leg of the race, and mine is to follow. The race was great – how can you not have fun running on the Island? I, sadly, wasn’t as fast as last year, but I had bigger things to worry about like not running 30k. Alice told me to not run the race at race pace and to add on afterward. But Erin and I needed to have post race brunch together, and then I had to meet Cecilley to attend the Go Global Expo (we are leaving on a very big and long trip!) and then I had to work! Adding on was not happening. So I accepted that fact and tried to recalculate my milage for week 14 and figure out how I was going to squeeze in an extra 20k. Squeezing in an extra 20k come on! This is not normal.

Jill’s Marathon Training Week #10

Theme of this training week was brought to you by the word RAD. I ran the Color Me Rad 5k as an offical Jewels and the ‘Holi’grams team member – rounding up the official team was myself, Tiffany Astle and Jewels Gibran – together we were colour bombed, ran up and down and all around Downsview Park, and most importantly, we dance around the rave like colour party (and across the finish line) in tiny white booty shorts. Oh yes, our team outfits were something else. And that’s how I sent my Saturday run, getting splattered with paint in every which way possible. More on the race in a separate post to come! My life is full on TIFF overload right now.

I'm so RAD!

I’m so RAD!

Ending week 9 on a bit of a upward spiral, my long run left great, which is really important at this stage of the game. I want these runs to feel good and I want to have the confidence going into each long run knowing it’s going to be okay. For the most part at least. The outcome may bag to differ, but my confidence needs to be on the up going into it. Monday was my night to work the desk at the studio, so I practiced! The balance of yoga with my training is going to save me come October. This I know. Tuesday morning I woke up to get my run in early, knowing it was going to be busy week with work I was hoping this would give me the kick in the butt I needed to wake up early and get out the door. Sadly, this was not the case. I’ve been so tried in the mornings lately it’s exhausting. But I got up early enough to squeeze in a quick 6k (quick, the run was not). I ran around Central Tech’s track, realizing that kind of running I hate. I can’t think of anythings worse than running on a treadmill, but running around a track could be worse. I left the track circled the neighbourhood then headed to work after that. Never again. I will never run the track again.

Wednesday was a long(ish) hilly route, so naturally Julie and I planed to meet up and run this thing together. Starting at the store running through Riverdale Park to Rosedale Valley Road, it was a run that would not end! Oh my goodness, it was not fun for either of us. I was tired, the run took us forever, lately I’ve been feeling like I hit a wall with my running. Alice, you need to come back! And fast. Alice has been absent from the Running Room (with good reason of course!). She was gone to run some races of her own – The Lululemon SeaWheeze, a bunch of Disney Races, did lots and lots of training runs – then spent a good chunk of time at my second studio home, Moksha LA.

After the emotional exhaustion from the hilly run, I went straight to the studio. I needed to practice! On Thursday I did the same thing. I did yoga instead of running. Although I know this is cheating and I do feel bad on the days I don’t run, but I needed to practice. When my life feels out of control it’s the best thing for me. Friday morning I may have done the same thing again. It was another day I did not run (I am terrible!), but instead I finally took Marianne on her offer to drive me to the Beaches for a sunrise standup paddleboard session. And boy oh boy it was worth every second waking up well before 6am. The water, the sky, the sun, it was all so spectacular!

This is Marianne! Isn't this picture great?

This is Marianne! Isn’t this picture great?

Saturday was race day! Colour Me Rad 5k here we come! I loved the fact this race was totally for fun. There was no timing involved, no time check ins, nothing of that sort. It was all about the colour bombs and having a great time. Because it was Tiffany’s official first race ever, there may have been some celebrating that occurred that evening. Which may have lead to me miss the long Sunday run, which I may have tried to make up on my own, but failed drastically. I did run 8k Sunday and practiced yoga. I tried to make up the rest of the distance from Sunday’s 29k on Monday. But again I failed drastically.

I’ve accepted this week as a fail and decided to moved on. But no I was not happy about it. All I can hope now is next week will be a different story.

Jill’s Marathon Training Week #5

Sam Sykes talks about hills. Hills are fun and hard. Yay, we'll see about that!

Sam Sykes talks about hills. Hills are fun and hard. Ya, we’ll see about that!

Hills. This was the theme of the week as we mentally prepare for the week to follow. Hill training will commence on Wednesday from now until god knows when. But, according to my training schedule I began hills two weeks prior, so really I should have nothing to fear. Ya right! Does anyone know how hilly the County Marathon is? Not that it really matters, there is no getting out of hill training with this running group. And not that the hilliness of the route really matters to me, I’m one of those people who will not look at the course route before a race – it’s information I don’t really need. Or rather want to know. I have 42.2k to worry about running, thinking about the route will just add to my reasons to worry.

I did do my hill training during week three – just as my program told me to do – and was very proud of the fact I actually did it. 4 x 600m done. And thank goodness I live so close to Poplar Plains. It makes running hills not feel as bad because knowing I don’t have far to run to get there kind of makes the process seem less daunting. Kind of.

Week 5 was, I think, my first solid week of running. I took Monday completely off from running, but this was not a off day to do nothing. Monday was a full on day at the studio! I taught the morning community class, worked the desk, practiced, then taught the evening 6pm class. It was busy! Tuesday I got the required 6k in during lunch – another day at the office another solid run on my own.

Wednesday I went running with Julie (hi, Julie). Both of us had to miss the evening clinic due to work, so we planned a running date for the morning. It was the perfect day to run. We both felt great, we had a steady tempo going and the hype of the other runners wasn’t there to intimidate us. I think this is why we had so much fun! That and trying to figure out where the heck we were going for the most part made the run that much more interesting. But that’s the thing you have to love about running in Toronto there is so much to see and too many random places you could end up, but you’ll never really get lost. We got our 10k in and I was feeling super good about it. I even ran to meet Julie then ran home, tagging on a few extra kilometres. Even better!

For far at this point in the training, for some strange reason Thursdays are not my day. I’m usually tired, I run slow, and I hate the idea of running each time this particular day rolls around. Thank goodness I had Julie again to get me through – we struggled, but we buckled down and got through it. I hate it when 8k feels long. And just like that it was Friday (my favourite day!). I had zero running to do and an event that evening I was really looking forward to attending. Alice was hosting a Yoga for Runners fundraiser where she and another mentor of mine, Vanessa Montenegro from Flipswitch Studio, tag team taught a kick ass yoga class (literally it kicked our asses!). There were prizes to be won and lots of Vega treats to be consumed, it was a good night in my yoga books.

So I just realized now that week 5 was not a solid week of running. Bummer… I did not run on Saturday. But I went SUPing (or Stand Up Paddleboarding if you will) for almost 2 hours Saturday morning. The water this day was a bit rough for my liking, that combined with my fear of falling in the lake the entire time, made me a timid SUP’er. The water looked cold, and the weather wasn’t the greatest. So I held back, just a bit.

But SUPing is my new love. I really do love it! Interested? Check out Jenn at Big City Boards and she will take you.


I wasn't doing a whole lot of standing this day. But I really can do it! The water was choppy.

I wasn’t doing a whole lot of standing this day. But I really can do it! The water was choppy.

Sunday was our long run and my first long run with the clinic. Arriving at the store was anything but relaxing. It was kinda bananas! There were so many people, different coaches pointing people in different directions, I just wanted out of there and fast. 19k was the planned route and because I couldn’t find my pace group nor did I know my pace group leader, I found the 4:00 group and ran with them. Oops. But not really! I really want to run a sub 4 hour race, but I know I should not let that be my focus for my first marathon. So I won’t think about it. The first leg of the run was awful, but getting the kinks out early on meant I left faster and stronger towards the middle and at the end. It was a much better run than I had anticipated that’s for sure. I was feeling very happy afterward.

And to end the week off right, I went to the studio for yin yoga with live music. In my training books I’d say week 5 was a solid training week after all!

Jill’s Marathon Training Week #2


Team brunch after the long run. I was not there. So sad! But thanks to Koray for the picture!

Team brunch after the long run. I was not there. So sad! But thanks to Koray for the picture!

Oh, week two. It came and went and somehow, once again, I didn’t stick to the training schedule. I have a weekend job. This messes with my time to run, okay. I know shouldn’t be making any excuses, so instead I may have to juggle my days off and my long run day around a little bit. But if I learned anything from my half marathon training last summer, getting in the milage is super important. I was close this week. I really was!

After running with Erin on Monday, Tuesday would be my first 6k tempo run all on my every own. As luck would have it that day I went to the Bullfrog office and that day, the boys, also known as the Bullfrog Run Club, decided to run. And guess who got the invite? Me! And so I went. Their planed route was an 8k loop down to the water, then to Ontario Place and back. Meh, what’a extra 2k going to do to me, as Scott would say. It was a hot one, I felt good at times and struggled at times, but over all running at lunch is one of my favourite things about going to the office. I like that I’ll be able to count on the run club for my Tuesday runs.

I was feeling a little weary for Wednesday’s run – it was the first time I’ve run this many days in a row in a very long time. We were told by our coaches that Wednesday would be our time trial day to determine which pace groups we’d be divided into for our long runs. This makes sense, but I made me want to run fast! Even though we were told not to. Good thing to because this 10k felt long. I also need to buy a fuel belt and remember that training in the humidity is not easy. I finished in 57 minutes grouping me into the 4:15 pace group. That’s cool. Alice said this is the time I should train for. So I guess it all worked out accordingly.

On Thursday I practiced yoga. I did so on my own, which was okay, but I really wanted to take a class somewhere. I’m going to try to keep up my practice as much as possible, where and when possible, I know I’m going to need it. So I squeezed in a session before heading to our clinic meeting spot. Today we had a talk before the run about shoes. Having the right shoe on your foot is another very important part of training. I just bought new shoes the day before. And socks too! There will be no more blisters for me. So tonight’s run was all about trying my new kicks out and taking it easy. We ran a steady 8k, which felt much better than the night before.

My new shoes!

My new shoes!

Friday was our off day. And I did yoga! Saturday I didn’t get out to run. I know not good, but I did practice again and was full on ready and determined to make up for this run on Sunday. Which I did. I managed to get 8k in before work, but the 16k for the week’s long run is still missing. So I devised another plan and would run Monday evening after teaching the 6pm class at Moksha Downtown. Brilliant! But that plan crashed and burned when it began to pour. And thunder, and lightening!

When the storm hit and mass flooding was happening all over town, I decided against running (for obvious reasons) while stranded at the studio I decided to take a class instead. That was, until Anne called and I realized then I had bigger things to worry about — like my basement flooding! Clearly, I was not meant to run this day. Thanks Mother Nature, I got your message loud and clear.

Okay, so I promise week three I will get this training thing down pat. Third time’s a charm, right?


Jill’s Marathon Training Week #1

The Downtown Running Room Marathon Clinic. Thanks Coach Chuck for the picture!

The Downtown Running Room Marathon Clinic. Thanks Coach Chuck for the picture!

So I officially survived week number one of training. And what did I discover? A marathon is really far! Yes, we all know this, but once you start running 8-10k’s three times a week – which is really far too – 42.2k seems like, well, an insanely far distance to run. After my slow go on day 1 I was beginning to doubt my decision to run a marathon already. But Erin did it. So could I!

Friday’s is one of our days off, so I took this day to do some yoga. I attended the 8:15am Community Class at Moksha Downtown to support another newish teacher Derek (hi, Derek!). The class was lovely and I needed to stretch. Thankfully the class was a wee one which meant I got lots of special attention – in the form of adjustments! A way straight to my heart is through a press in child’s pose or pigeon pose, in case anyone wanted to know.

When Saturday came I was bad and didn’t run. I know! Already it’s week one and I missed a run. But I did go to yoga again had another seriously good class on the Thompson rooftop at Yoga Unplugged. After class I went home and logged into my Running Room account and finally sat down to pick a race to run: The County Marathon here I come! After a very intense evening of race researching I realized I the County Marathon was my only option in Ontario. With a wedding on the 12th of October and another yoga retreat scheduled for October 19th to the 26th, these two events slashed my race options completely. But I’m excited with my choice, it’s going to be so pretty! It just means my race is at much sooner!

Now that I have a race and a proper training schedule to follow, I’m feeling better already. So what did I do the following day? I only ran 9k of the 13k I was supposed to do, but I went to a 90 minute yin class and had intentions on running the rest after work. But that didn’t happen. I just might be the worst runner ever. However, Erin and I did run 10k on Monday day (my other supposed to be day off), so I did get the milage in I was supposed to for the week. Both Sunday’s and Monday’s run felt great, but running that extra day and not having another day off until Friday will make for an interesting week two.

I will do week two right… hopefully.