Hey Fit Girl: I want to get fit on the Danforth


The other day, Two Fit Girls got their first piece of reader email from someone who was not our mom (hi mom!). A pal, who shall remain nameless so you will not get the opportunity to judge her lack of athletic prowess, sent me this note:

Hey fit girl!

Can you make any recommendations for where a totally(really)-unathletic-non-sports-playing girl could join some kind of unintimidating class, maybe spin, to attempt some kind of exercise?

I’ve briefly tried yoga, and was not very excited by it, and a gym membership is a commitment I am not ready for. Are there un-scary spin classes, preferably along the Danforth? I need motivation!



I’m primarily a runner, so I asked a few other fit girls for some advice, did some internet research and asked a lot of questions. I ended up with these three options for you:


1) Spinning at Energia (164 Danforth Avenue)


What I like about Energia is that they provide options, but it is based on core, classic fitness. If you’re looking for some cardio, there’s spinning or running. If you want to do some weight training that’s not at all intimidating, there’s kettlebell. And if you’re looking to wind down, there’s yoga. Classes are only 45 minutes, so if you’re finding it to be too much, you can find solace in the fact it will be over soon!

Introductory fees: $10 for your first class


2) Rock climbing at The Rock Oasis (388 Carlaw Avenue)


You are one lucky lady, because Toronto’s best rock climbing centre is now at your doorstep. Leslieville is a short run away (or walk or bus ride) from the Danforth and rock climbing is the kind of work out that kicks your ass — but you don’t realize it until you are home and you can’t lift your arm. The walls are scaled for level of difficulty, so there’s no need to be concerned about looking like an idiot or your first run being too tough. The Rock Oasis allows you to grow as your skills and interest do. I recommend you rope in a friend and take their intro lesson together. Rock climbing can get pricey for the casual participant, but it’s the perfect outing to shake up your regular fitness routine.

Introductory fees: $35 for the Learn to Climb package


3) Hip Hop Yoga or Zumba Bootcamp at EnergyXchange (698 Queen Street East)


If you’re concerned about your lack of coordination or athletic prowess shining through, take one of these classes. Everyone looks ridiculous, and that’s the point. It’s about loosening up, enjoying your body and having fun. EnergyXchange has tons of crazy classes, including Joga Blast, Gravity Turbo and Pilates: Hardcore, meaning no two workouts would be the same. These classes will let you let go of any concern about yoga being too zen or dance classes needing too much coordination.

Introductory fees: Their Around the Club 14 Day Pass is $20 for two weeks of unlimited classes.


Good luck! If you try any of these out, let me know. We could always use a guest fit girl post. 😉


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