Back to Desa Seni we go

Aww Desa Seni, how I've missed you! Thanks Mandy for the Photo.

Aww Desa Seni, how I’ve missed you! Thanks Mandy for the Photo.

Cecilley and I are now in our last week. Our last week in Bali! And I can’t come to terms with leaving. After all the ups and downs and all arounds this place has a certain specialness about it that only took me over a month to find. Why is it that is always the way? But I suppose leaving on a good note with a bit of sadness and not pleading to escape is a good thing. I will always have a place for Bali in my heart. And who knows maybe I’ll end up back here again some day. I wouldn’t put it past me. I can see it happening. Especially if it means spending more time at Desa Seni.

Wednesday, November 27th has already happened on this side of the world (and everywhere else by now I know), but I like writing from the future, it’s seems kind of cool to me. I am after all 12+ hours ahead of everyone back home. But regardless of what day and time it is when you read this, the 27th was Dulice’s birthday. (Happy Birthday, Dulice!) Before I jump too far ahead, you need a super quick update. While in Bali and living in Ubud Cecilley and I have spent a lot of time at the Green School. In particular we’ve spent lots of time with Green School’s Head of Communications, Charris, and his beautiful family, Dulice being his amazingly,wonderful wife. And today (or the 27th rather) was no exception. For Dulcie’s birthday Cecilley and I were invited to spend the day with her at Desa Seni! Hooray!! Oh how I’ve been dying to see that beautiful eco & yoga oasis among the rice patties in Canggu one more time. It was Cecilley and I who suggested a perfect romantic spa/yoga/beauty getaway at Desa Seni for Dulice. It would make for an ideal way to spend a birthday and given it was a Wednesday, the boys (Dulcie and Charris’s two children) would be in school and Charris would be busy at work. Lucky for us the invitation to join Dulcie was extended to Cecilley and I and boy oh boy I could not have been happier. Correction. Cecilley could not have been happier! Before leaving Bali we were trying to figure out a way to get back to Desa Seni, but how was the question. This was our answer.

If anyone, and I seriously mean everyone, comes to Bali put Desa Seni on your list of things to do. Whether you stay for the day, a night, or an entire week for a yoga retreat, Desa Seni is not to be overlooked. This inspiring eco village has too many amazing qualities about it I could write for hours. And all I would cover in that time is the food! But instead I’ll just capture the essence of the yoga class Dulcie and I went to. For the other things you can ask me later or you could just go to Bali.

I love all yoga. Even if I don't think I like it at the time. (Thanks again Mandy)

I love all yoga. Even if I don’t think I like it at the time. (Thanks again Mandy for the picture)

We kicked started the beautiful birthday day with a little brunch and tea before Dulice and I went to the Dynamic Hatha yoga class that morning. I was excited to practice in Desa’s second studio for a change and take a class from a teacher I knew nothing about. Manuela was hilarious and put a fun, playful twist on a more gentler styled class. I was hoping for something super dymantic – I was feeling invigerious and ready to move, but there is something about taking your practice down a notich. Working with core aligment and energetic flow from the ground up, the connection you can create within each pose is astounding. At least that’s how I feel anyway. Call me crazy, but the strength you can generate with attention works your whole body. You do not need a vinyasa level 2 flow in order to have a good workout. Sometimes I forget that. Being there with Dulice and Cecilley in Bali, back at a place that melts my heart and holds a lot of great memories, everything felt in place. Like all of a sudden the pieces of the puzzle matched up, it was such a great feeling. It was a great feeling to practice as the rain came down and we were tucked under the bamboo yoga hut, looking out at the luscious greenery. It was as if it was my birthday. Because if someone would have have told me it was I would have believed them.

After spending the day reading by pool, swimming, eating a yummy lunch and a great dinner (with the whole family!) it was just the thing I needed to part ways with Bali. Thank you, Dulice and Charris for sharing this special day with me and Cecilley. I can not begin to thank you enough for everything you’ve done for us.