Going back to my skating roots


What: Ice Skating
When: Saturday February 26
Where: Evergreen Brick Works
Who: The Bullfrog Power Community


From shaking to skating, the last couple of weekends have been quite eventful for me. Really, I shouldn’t expect anything less the last few weekends before my official birthday weekend. My actual date of birth is Saturday! Yay for me!! What does this fit girl have planned for the big day? Well, squeezing in as many yoga classes as I possibly can at as many different studios who will be kind enough to grant me a class for free. Seeing I’ll be a birthday girl and all, this shouldn’t be a problem.

A post for another day…

Me with my lovely roommate, ready to skate!


Now given the non existent winter we’ve had so far, ice skating is probably the last thing on your mind in terms of outdoor activities – you’re probably like Erin out running each and everyday – I think surf boards and swimsuits are more appropriate these days. They will be for me at least in 3 days, when I head to Costa Rica!

However, there are few better feelings out there than strapping on a pair of skates after a snow fall. Yes, we all love the chilling sensation and bitter excitement gliding across solid ice gives us. I don’t know about you, but as soon as I step out on the ice for the first time, it always takes me back to the days when I once was a figure skater. Believe it or not, but Erin and I both were figure skaters in our youth. We wore the leotards, sequined outfits, while smiling our little hearts out in front of our parents. Those were the better part of my elementary school days. However, with this trip down memory lane comes the feeling of disappointment rushing back when I realize I can barely even twirl anymore. I blame high school and basketball.


Skate, skate, skate!


Skating is a fun, active and very cheap way to spend a day, afternoon, or evening. Have you ever been to DJ skate night at the Harbourfront Centre? You should. I keep telling myself every winter that I need to skate more. This was last Sunday at Evergreen Brick Works (my first skate all year, that is sad). Bullfrog hosted a community skating party where we skated and ate and drank all the cookies and hot chocolate we could handle. Not only is the Brick Works an amazing summer spot for walking trails, biking, and great food, it’s a hot spot for winter fun too.