Happy Gravity Strength to me


What: Gravity Strength, 45 minutes
When: Friday at 12:30pm
Where: Get Spun (129 Spadina Avenue)
Who: Christie Ness

So last week being Valentine’s Day in all, what was a fit, single gal to do? Seeing I had no plans made for myself, nor did I want to impose on Erin’s potential plans…

Who are we kidding what I really wanted to do was watch Glee and New Girl and Smash in that order until we were all caught up to date. But, being the good middle sister that I am, I thought it would be best to let Erin enjoy the night with Matt and their television alone.

What was the next best option? Why, taking a Gravity Strength class after work that’s what! I wasn’t going to let being single on the one day all single girls are suppose to loath get me down. I went online and registered for a Gravity class at Get Spun, thinking my 5 class card covered Gravity classes (sadly, it did not). I did not know this at the time. Then what happens, as I’m pleasantly preparing for the killer workout that’s about to take place: class was cancelled. I guess the teacher had better plans for the evening than to Gravity train me. But, that’s totally okay (I hope the teacher, whoever it was scheduled to be, had a lovely night). I wasn’t going to let this upset me either, I had a back up plan (girls, you should always have a back up plan). Mine was a yoga class at Moksha Yoga Downtown. Yoga wouldn’t cancel on me, this I know. And disappoint it did not – more like my secret Valentine in disguise. What did my little heart burst at the sight of, but an insane amount of chocolate covered strawberries! No wonder I love this place so much.

After yoga, then dinner and a movie at home with my new roommate, I was beyond happy. And it gets better. After finding out class was cancelled Christie Ness kindly sent me an email inviting me to reschedule my date with Gravity Strength for anytime I wanted. I picked Friday afternoon, after cancelling an evening date I thought it’s best to keep it casual for the second try. Christie welcomed me to class with open arms and to my surprise Gravity training is really hard. With the primary focus on core strength (you have to engage your core in everything you do otherwise you may fall face first off the sliding seat, or backwards depending on what you’re doing), I quickly discovered my core is not strong at all. This was a big downer and rather disappointing, but, luckily for Christie, I loved the class so much I may have to schedule a third date. Even after all the trouble it put me through.

Christie was the perfect instructor and gave me a lot of individual attention. Being new to this training, I had no idea what I was doing. Christie may look nice and sweet, but don’t let the niceness fool you. You will work hard in her class.


Take this class if: you want a great total body workout.


I Got Spun


What: Cycling
When: Monday at 6:45pm
Where: Get Spun (129 Spadina Avenue)
Who: Matt Kenny

First off, Ben I have to thank you for your Get Spun suggestion. Matt Kenny is great.

I went to Matt’s cycling class Monday night just to tell you I did take you up on your suggestion. Day 27 into my 30 day challenge I NEEDED to do something other than yoga. Don’t get me wrong this much yoga has been good, great in fact. But I’ve been aching for something else. Anything else! So some form of cardio — spinning — sounded like a excellent plan. On Monday evening I walked the few steps after work, in the raging blizzard, to get my spin on. And, Ben, you were absolutely right I wasn’t distracted at all. Instead I was insanely focused.


Spinning. My saviour from all things yoga.


When Matt walked into the spinning room I’m not going to lie he didn’t look at all like I had pictured. When I heard “best trainer ever” I instantly thought big, scary, beefy drill sergeant. This is not Matt, at all. Not that this is a bad thing! This is much preferred (at least in my opinion), I was more confident and relaxed going into my ride knowing Matt couldn’t throw me off the bike over his head. But, don’t get me wrong, Matt is force to be reckoned with. His intention is to make you work, and that’s exactly what we did.

To my disappointment, he was feeling a bit under the weather this night and wasn’t the full on yelling machine that I guess he’s known for. This was very upsetting to hear because I wanted to experience the full blown operation. Next time Matt, I hope.

Now I have to dedicate this post to a certain (cycling enthusiast) work colleague — you know who you are.

Okay, back to the important stuff. Matt is a killer cycling coach (sick or not). His precision to proper spinning form and technique kept me focused my entire ride. And his music mix of up beat, techno funk (that’s what I’m going to call it anyway) was energetic – and we all know how important the beat can be to your ride. This ambience was contagious and I soaked in every word Matt spoke – from the purpose for my ride to where I was going. I wasn’t going to waste my class – as Matt kindly referred to when you contemplate giving up or not pushing yourself. A big waste of your 20 bucks, that’s what that is! At this point I was more worried about disappointing him than myself.

Now I’m down to 2 classes left on my 5 class card. Ben what do you suggest? I was left wanting more Matt. Perhaps another cycling class is in order.


Take this class if: you’re a fairly experienced rider wanting a great reminder to why you spin.


Studio Review: Get Spun

Thanks to my wonderful Mother, Santa knew exactly what to bring me for Christmas this year – anything fitness related. Oh yeah!

Low and behold 5 classes to Get Spun arrived just for me! While I’m still on break from my membership at the JCC, I decided to give it a try. So last Tuesday night, I signed up for the 45 minute spinning class with Christine Ness.


I forgot to take a picture inside the studio! Sorry!


The studio is literally steps away from my work (12 paces to be exact), therefore I have zero excuses for lunchtime workouts next week. The studio, although little on the small side, is cute and cozy and nowhere intimidating like some spinning studios tend to be (at least I think so anyway!). Christine was a delight. I felt great in her class but, afterwards felt as though I could have worked harder. I can’t blame the teacher for this. Either I’m not pushing myself hard enough or I’m a better spinner than I thought. I’ll go with the option two.

I’ve been to a fair amount of spinning classes in the city so far and I’ve come to realize music selection is key. I need to feel the beats to have a awesome class. And I wasn’t feeling the groove this particular night. I like it when a teacher mixes a track to their personal style – you feed off the teacher’s energy this way and I like that.

The best part about this place they offer more than just spinning. With Gravity and TRX training, classes such as the Ultimate Body Training Camp and Morning Bootcamp sound rather exciting. I like the thought of being excited to work out.

I will be sad once my 5 classes are up.