Grow Your Yoga


Spring time tends to the the universal time to clean, rejuvenate, and prepare our minds and bodies for the warm weather to come. And why not! With the snow and cold gone for another year, it’s time to celebrate!

When I think of spring I can’t help but think of my teenage years and Nickelodeon cartoons. This tune, in particular, from Rocko’s Modern Life, defines the spring season for me. I will never be able to get song (or episode) out of my head.

Now that the cleaning fever is upon us – yogis far and wide unite! It’s time to Grow Your Yoga. Sounds great, right? You may recall the monster of a challenge I took on last spring – the Living Your Moksha Challenge – the challenge where I lived and breathed yoga for 7 weeks!

Well Living Your Moksha is back with a new name and a new attitude. Grow Your Yoga encompasses the same ideas as Living Your Yoga, but it’s compressed into a 30 day challenged and focuses on 4 of the 7 pillars – Be Healthy, Be Peace, Be Accessible, and Reach Out. All the proceeds for this years challenge will go towards the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust.

I just signed up. I love my yoga that much that I will challenge myself for a second year in a row to bring my yoga off my mat. As a newly certified Moksha teacher, it only made sense to take on another 30 day challenge. This is an opportunity for teachers and students to bring yoga off your mat and into your everyday life. Take from the challenge what you want and do as much as you can. There’s no pressure. This is a challenge for you to explore your yoga.

So, who’s ready to Grow Your Yoga with me?!