Karma at Moksha Downtown & Come And Swap It! – more TNT fundraising efforts

I wanted to invite you all to two events – one is coming up tomorrow and the other next month – the 8pm Karma Class at Moksha Yoga Downtown and Come And Swap It! (a clothing swap soiree!).

Everyone knows what karma means in the yoga world, the idea that if you do something good (or bad), the universe will find a way to repay you. Whether it’s good or bad depends on your intentions of the deed. Yogis like to give back in good ways. Remember the LYM fifth pillar Outreach? This is a perfect example of expressing good Karma. Which was the week Cecilley and I truly devoted ourselves to run with Team In Training for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada. I’m hoping karma will find a way to get us $8,000 before October 14th.

As part of Moksha yoga’s philosophy giving back is in their blood. Every studio has karma class (donation-based classes) that help support a charity of Moksha’s choice, or a cause or charity dear to the heart of the individual studio. I am truly blessed to belong to such a wonderful community at Moksha Downtown. And without a doubt Erin (the studio manager) was behind me 100%. She has kind enough to offer this Friday’s Karma proceeds to go towards my and Cecilley’s marathon mission. Thank you, Erin!

So please come join Cecilley and I at 8pm this Friday, August 24th. We promise good karma will come your way if you do! If anything it is a great way to practice hot yoga at a cheaper rate then paying the regular drop in fee.

But, if your Friday evening is taken up by other activities we understand. But don’t be shy for Saturday, September 15th at Cecilley’s apartment we are hosting a clothing swap for all our friends, which includes you! Drop a donation at the door and come brows though an assortment of stylish new finds to update your fall wardrobe. From dresses, to shirt, to pants, shoes and accessories there is no way you will walk away empty handed. You can find more details on the Facebook event post, so check it out!

Don’t have clothes to swap, no problem. We’d rather see you there and walk away with something new then not show up at all. Also, to make the afternoon that much sweeter, there will be grown up refresherments and snacks for our guests. As well as a fun playlist. Hey, who knows when you’ll be need to strut your inner model down an imaginary runway and when you do music is needed. Our DJ is taking requests. Okay, so I understand a clothing swap isn’t exactly fitness related. But! My yoga friends and teachers are contributing yoga clothes – so there you go a clothing swap can be fitness related. Now that you’ll have new workout clothes you will have no excuese not to go to yoga or run or whatever it is that you’ve been holding back from doing.

Good karma, good clothes, good food and lots of fun. Please come.