Women’s Self Defence @ Krudar


What: Women’s Self Defence class
When: Saturday @ 11am
Where: Krudar Muay Thai (152 Augusta Avenue)
Who: Kru Darwin

Not only is Krudar the sweet spot to learn muay thai boxing in Kensington Market, but now they have Women’s Self Defence classes! How great is that? And if you’re even the slightest bit curious to take a peak inside or maybe if you’re feeling up to it try a class, every last Saturday of each month Krudar hosts an open house and all classes are free on this day. Free! Once I discovered a self defence class was on the schedule Anne and I jogged our way to Kensington to give it a go.


For those who may not know, I had a rather scary in counter a year ago in December on my way to work one morning. I was pushed down from behind on a major street in broad daylight. I don’t want to scare anyone, but this experience left me quite shaken up for days afterward. I called the police when I got to work — after calling my Mom, Erin, and my roommate at the time, Shannon — I gave my statement to an officer (from the cop car!) who came to the office that afternoon. Literally hours later, I recieved a call from a dispatch officer telling me they have a guy in custody that matched my description. And what’s even crazier is that an identical attack was called in shortly after mine. Crazy! I was shocked and surpised how quickly this all happened.

They caught the guy he then pleaded guilty to all accounts and so the case was closed. But I was left thinking I don’t want to feel scared in my city ever again. I want to better prepare myself for another incident like this, should one ever occur.

(An important lesson learned: call the police should anything should happen to you, as minor as it may seem. Do it.)

So a goal of mine since then was to take a self defence class. Being an all women’s class everyone was on the same playing field – everyone had different expectations from what to get out of a class like this, but Kru did his best to touch on all the important things to keep in mind. He pointed out the effective ways to stop someone quickly, so you can then run away, using the heel of your hand, your fingers, and/or your knuckles. We then focused on protecting our faces from throws and punches while using the environment as a tool to defend your self. You never know what could be around to aid you in a tough situation. And lastly, Kru pointed out the most effective tool we have to defend ourselves and that’s our voice. Just yelling “STOP” at someone will make then stop, even just for a few seconds. This is an innate characteristic in us as humans to stop when told to stop.

During the class, Anne and I practiced attacking each other while the other protected themselves. We also had the boys of Krudar surprise attack us too. They were also nice enough to give us pointers and feedback.


In the end, Kru left us with the understanding that all things said attacks are all different and we can’t walk around with fear. The mind needs to be strong before our physical bodies can protect us. Throwing a punch is one thing, but thinking the situation through and knowing how to react is how you’ll come out of any situation protected and unharmed.

I was so grateful that I wasn’t harmed last year when my attack happened. But even just the hour with Kru I feel better and more aware of what to do. There is a weekly class on the schedule, which will be twice a week once the numbers in class grows. The classes will then look at different situational attacks, what to do when the attacker comes from behind, and the metal strengthening involved. But as a fist time experience I was a satisfied client.


Krudar Round 2


What: Muay Thai Boxing — Beginner’s class
When: Wednesday @ 6pm
Where: Krudar Muay Thai (152 Augusta Ave)
Who: Ryan Wilson

Remember back when, when Erin and I got to punch and kick each other because we were told to do it?! Well we both promised each other we’d go back for another visit in the New Year. Well, Krudar Muay Thai recently under went some major studio changes, relocating to a new (but rather close) part of town and adding new classes to their schedule. It was time to go back and check out the new space!

One of Cecilley’s New Year’s resolutions was to learn Muay Thai, I know, I was kinda surprised too, but I wasn’t going to judge. I thought it was great! And of course I knew the best place to learn. So as a promise to her (and myself) we both went to a beginner thai boxing class with Ryan.

I was excited to see the new set up, and with a personal guided tour from Carina (thanks Carina!) I was really impressed. Not only is this a sweet spot for boxing, but now you can spin, cross train, and kettle bell your day away. I love the set-up Krudar has. By paying a monthly membership, not only are you able to take any class you want, but you have open gym time allowing you to use the studio equipment as you please whenever you please. Although, fees are higher than joining a gym, at Krudar you’re joining a community. And that’s the benefit. It’s worth those extra dollars. And with a $10 intro class deal, why not try a class?

Our beginner class started off with very high intensity for the first part of class (as I anticipated from my last visit). We jumped rope, shadow boxed, ran on the spot, jumped around, kicked the air everything you can imagine, we did. Twice. Or even three times with count downs to 30. The cardio warm up is a work out on its own. But then comes the fun part punching and kicking. Ryan split the class the more advanced students from the beginners and took us – the beginners – to the basement for one-on-one training. Ryan changed things up this time around and the focus was on our kicks (sadly I didn’t get to punch Cecilley. Ha! Sorry Cecilley!). But Cecilley was the lucky lady Ryan demoed on before we all started kicking one another (but not hard, don’t worry). Getting the technique down first is the first step. Then it was my turn and Ryan demoed kicking me in the ribs and showing the proper balance with hitting your target.

After an hour and a half, we called it quits for the night. Another solid experience at Krudar, and another promise to return.

Krudar comes highly recommended! And if you do go, tell them Jill sent you!


Sister Act: Muay Thai @ Krudar


What: Muay Thai Boxing — Beginner’s class
When: Wednesday @ 6pm
Where: Krudar Muay Thai (468 Spadina Avenue)
Who: Ryan Wilson


I am ready to be punched.

Erin’s story:

I’ll admit, I only had a vague idea of what thai boxing was before we got an email from Carina at Krudar inviting us to try out a class for the blog (thanks, Carina!). This was months ago, but between marathoning and yogaing and book writing, I put off responding. Also, because I was scared. This looked like the kind of workout that would kick my ass.

And it did.

After chatting with Carina, we decided that the Wednesday beginner class was our best option. It fit our schedule and she promised that the instructor, Ryan, was great. We arrived at the gym and already were intimitaed. It was hot — Toronto summer heatwave hot — and people were already skipping, punching and jumping around. Carina showed us around (she was the first of the many lovely, lovely people who helped us out in this class), then we got changed and waited. I was surprised by the number of girls in the class — in a good way. There were probably 25 people in the class overall, and 7 or 8 or them were women — including an adorable young girl who was no more than 12 years old and knew what she was doing. If we had fought, muay thai style, I would have gone down immediately. Many of these lovely ladies assured me and Jill that we would not die. I did not believe them.

We got the breakdown of the structure of the class from Carina: 45 minutes of cardio and conditioning, then 45 minutes to work on fighting. Okay. We can handle this.

Then Ryan came out and started yelling. This was scary. He was a yeller. He reminded me of my first basketball coach, the one who believed the season wasn’t a success until he made everyone on the team cry. (He never made me cry. I’m not bragging — I was so low on the totem pole that I don’t think I mattered. But he once yelled at our star player during a time out, then called a second time out just to continue yelling at her. It was intense.) Ryan yelled. And yelled. We weren’t going hard enough. Our arms weren’t high enough. We weren’t counting out the reps loud enough. This was one intense instructor.

That said, Ryan was very, very good at addressing technique for a lot of the stranger cardio moves. After skipping for 5 minutes, we went through a cycle of jumping jacks, squats, planks and kicks and some boxing-inspired moves — jumping, punching, kicking and jabbing. Ryan worked the room, demonstrating each move. All while yelling. We got a 30 second water break every 5 minutes. About 30 minutes in, my calves were on fire. (I need to skip more.) But the pace was rapid-fire, so I didn’t notice I was dying, expect during the later planks.

When the 45 minutes were up, we were told to “wrap it up.” Not knowing what this meant, Carina got the next nice person, Sean, to help us out. We got to wrap our hands up and it looked and felt badass. If you’re planning to take a class, watch the video on thai handwrapping below so you are not as obviously clueless as Jill and I were.



After wrapping it up, we shadowboxed for about 10 minutes. This was when we realized Ryan was not crazy, but a thoughtful, helpful instructor. Everyone who was a regular got to freestyle at the front of the room. Everyone who was new (me, Jill, another girl and 2 guys) got a shadowboxing tutorial at the back of the room. The boxing stance does not feel natural at all. You’re always moving, but always relaxed, but always ready to punch. It’s exhausting just being ready to punch something. But Ryan went over the technique with us, walked us through how to move around the ring and where to hold our hands. And because we haven’t done enough upper body work, this was interspersed with push-ups every few minutes. On your knuckles. (Which is actually easier when your hands are wrapped up.)


Fact: wrapped hands make you look tough.


Finally, it was time to punch things.

Punching things is really, really fun.

Everyone partnered up “based on size and experience level.” Jill and I paired up, natch. Hooray for both being tall and clueless. We got some pads and some gloves. The rest of the class worked through a jab, punch, jab-punch sequence, but Jill and I took our time. The pads are super heavy and we were still absorbing the technique lesson we got during shadowboxing. Again, everyone around us was so helpful. Ryan’s assistant (whose name I think was Howard, but I’m not sure) repeatedly came over to review our technique and offer us feedback. He was encouraging and helpful and truly great. Ryan came over a few times too. Considering how big the class was, the ability to give everyone this much individual attention was a nice perk. (Or proof of just how clueless Jill and I were.)

What I found the most interesting thing about this process was how much yoga and golf helped me understand what do to. Yoga is all about balance and inner strength, and muay thai boxing is the same. You need to be strong and find balance before you can do anything else. And, like golf, the movement is all about your entire body, not just your arms. Your fist is a guide for the punch, nothing more. The power comes from your legs. After 15 minutes, we switched it up and it was Jill’s turn to punch things.

I left the class completely spent. I was soaked. My legs were exhausted from the cardio work and my arms were exhausted from holding the pads for Jill. Muay Thai is a full-body workout. And I highly recommend it, if you’re looking for something high-intensity and/or something different. Don’t let the yelling men, shiny shorts and bright red room scare you. Inside is one of the friendliest fitness communities I’ve ever been to. And one of the hardest workouts I’ve ever done.


I am ready to punch things!

Jill’s story:

Amen, to everything Erin said and more! I also have to say, thank you Krudar for your amazing hospitality and patience. Although it was very clear Erin and I were new, I did not once feel out of place. Okay, that’s a lie I felt totally out of place! But I didn’t feel as though I should be there or that I didn’t belong – and that is really hard to find in a gym or fitness centre anywhere.

Krudar is proof you don’t need the gym to feel like you belong to something. I don’t know too much about the sport of Muay Thai, but I am intrigued to learn more and will be back to give this another go! But this will be after my half marathon. I can’t do too much at once… now where have I heard that before??

Boxing is one of those sports where just saying the name is scary. However, for me, thought of punching people and being able to throw a punch is one of my ultimate fitness goals of life, but I am also terribily afraid of getting a fist in the face or the possibility of breaking my nose or teeth (I know, this may my sound very sissy, but having teeth fall out is a big fear of mine). Fighters, I don’t know how you do it, but no wonder you are totally bad ass!

When Erin told me we were invited to a Muay Thai boxing class I was beyond excited. As Erin mentioned, we had a lot going on this spring, but I was getting impatient and kept insisting we go. And soon! I wanted to go boxing before it was too late – although I don’t really know what the hurry was.

I new Muay Thai was going to be a killer work out, and again, I would get to punch things. But unlike Erin, I’ve had some boxing and some fighting experience, so I wasn’t that afraid. Okay, that’s another lie. And by some experience I mean one beginner boxing class at Totum and one taekwondo class with my black belt, world wide fighting champion friend, Jimena. Many, many months back I took advantage of Totums’s free introductory week and tried boxing for the first time. And I really do have a black belt, taekwondo, fighting friend. At George Brown a teacher of ours called her Triceps. At both these classes (and again at Muay Thai) I too discovered the hip rotations and body coordination from golf really helped. This is also where my visions of me being the next Laila Ali came to surface. I really do just wish is was just good at everything. But maybe I could have been an amazing fighter! Again I will never know. Just like my dreams of being a dancer.

Erin did an excellent job of covering, well, every single detail of our class. From the skipping to the yelling to the super heavy pads, I can attest to it all. But the most important piece everyone must take away from our time spent at Krudar was how nice everyone was. I really respect a teacher who makes the personal gesture to help and assist the entire class. Thank you Ryan. And Carina, and Sean and everyone!

I even made a new friend in the locker room – the little 12 year old girl who put Erin and I both to shame – she even asked me if I would be back next week. How cute! I’m sorry to say I won’t be there this Wednesday, but I will take advantage of the 30 day for $30 deal (at least I thought I saw that somewhere). Regardless, I am excited for Krudar’s big move to Kensington Market (on Augusta) this summer. Carina promised a bigger and a more conditioned studio.

I advice everyone else to go as well. There is also a $10 intro class special for first timers. A guaranteed solid, total body work out is totally worth that price. But be warned, Muay Thai is highly addictive and you will want to go back. And don’t be scared when you first arrive, as Erin and I discovered, boxers have a tough outside and are genuinely nice on the inside. Oh and make sure you’re not doing any heavy lifting for 2 days afterwards. Where Erin couldn’t walk the next day, I couldn’t lift my arms!