Living Your Moksha week #4 – Sangha Support


I can’t get over how fast these LYM weeks seem to be flying by! We’re on Week #6 already. How did that happen? It takes me a week to get a grasp of what I should be focusing my intention on, then the next thing I know, it’s a new week and I have a new intention to set. Crazyness.

Let’s go back to week #4 for the moment, the week of Sangha Support (May 22-28). This meant LYMers everywhere were to practice one (or more) Random Acts of Kindness every day. How can yogis be any more nice? That was my first thought when our challenge was sent. For the first time since LYM began, I wasn’t stressed about what I had to conquer. Be nice, that’s easy for me. I was never a person who could understand grumpy, mean or angry people. But yoga has taught me that people are not necessarily born angry, but moments or things in their lives create this for them. We have to understand there is a bigger world other than the one that encircles ourselves. I know mine is work, yoga, Erin, fitness, and when something interrupts with this pattern, ya I get angry too.

Look how nice Moksha co-founder Jess Robertson is. She co-founded Moksha Yoga, she’s probably the nicest person alive.