Living Your Moksha week #7 – Be Peace


Here we go: June 12-18 the last and final week of the Living Your Moksha challenge.

Be Peace. This was the theme of the week with the intention of bringing an hour of silence into your day. And the super challenge was taking the time to enjoy an extended savasana after very single class you went to over these 7 days. I was very excited for this super challenge, clearly. My regular savasana is usually 15 minutes long. If I go any longer the trades will have to kick me out of the practice room! But hey, if it’s all for the good of living my moksha then I’ll do it! Okay, I know there is more to the challenge then falling asleep after class, so now I have to challenge myself to stay awake and really connect with what savasana is really about. And it’s not exhaustion from doing yoga.

I did listen to the super challenge and I did try. I will admit I did snooze off once or twice after a class or two, but I also acknowledged my own thoughts and feelings that came up afterwards. Some were rather out there and had no correlation to yoga whatsoever, bizarre right? While other thoughts were of family and friends. Sometimes I thought about how hungry I was other times were how at peace I felt. Seriously! Savasana is a powerful pose and often teachers will tell you is the most difficult. Whether your an everyday yogi or a yogi at heart savasana is a pose worth giving yourself time for. Your mind and body will thank you – as Mind Body Green explains.

So why is silence important exactly? I too thought this seemed a little silly at first, oh but on the contrary it is really challenging. Try it sometime. Just be silent. Whether it’s for a minute, an hour or even for a whole day! Imagine that. Listen to the silence of your thoughts. It can be rather scary, but I assure you, you may just hear the answers to those troubling questions boggled up deep down inside. Facing these thoughts or answers is the true challenge that silence can bring. Although falling into silence may sound depressing, and searching for answers very soul searching, everyone also just needs a break. Whether it’s putting a pause on your busy day, a break from people or just a break from yourself, taking the time to reflect on you is just as important (if not more) then being available to others. It goes along with that love yourself before others philosophy. Silence can be grounding and the foundation of a stable practice. And ultimately a stable life.

Trust me. Silence is a good thing and now I have nothing more to say. My LYM challenge is over. And that feels pretty good.

Now you too can be at peace. Here’s what New Leaf Yoga Foundation co-founder Laura Sygrove had to say about finding peace.


Living Your Moksha week #6 – Live to Learn

Hey, remember way back when, when I decided to do that 7 week challenge of bringing yoga off the mat and into your life? The Living Your Moksha Challenge? Well, I realized I still had two more weeks to tell you about! As you can see, Erin and I had lots and lots to write about. We’ve been busy! But now that I’m doing “less” yoga and other things and running more, I feel as though my stories are not as exciting as they once were. But that’s totally not true.

Let’s be honest, yoga is exciting. And so is learning!

And that’s exactly what pillar number 6 of LYM was: Live to Learn. Learning is a wonderful thing, you can never be too old or too young to learn. Anything. Coming from a family of teachers education was the one thing forced upon us, but also the one thing my family valued most. I remember at a very young age, my uncle coming to house to chat with my Dad — no, he wouldn’t offer treats or hugs — but would test my multiplication tables and ask what I was learning in school. And learning those valuable life sessions, I would bike to my Nanny’s house for, such as licking the bowl and spoons clean after making a batch of cookies. This and sewing buttons or just being at Nanny’s house were indeed essential life lessons for me to learn.

My grandmother was a very special lady, and even though she’s no longer around, I’m still learning from her everyday. After her passing in July, the week Live to Learn really struck a cord with me. She was a lady who value knowledge and the power to think for yourself more then anyone I know. She’d test your opinion, not for argument, but for the importance of forming one. My Nanny is someone I admire so much and find myself wanting to be like, more and more each day. And one of those ways, specifically, is her love of learning. It’s amazing how much this Living Your Moksha challenge has stuck with me, even after a month since it’s been over.

Reflecting back on the week itself, our challenge was to read for 30 minutes each day (2 hours on the weekends) outside of your work or everyday reading. Pick up a book, grab the newspaper, google a blog worth checking out, and really dive in and digest it’s contents. What is the author or character really saying? That part was easy, I had my book (The Night Circus) on the go and would read voluntary for hours before falling asleep. But reading wasn’t always an enjoying pastime of mine, especially during high school and my university days. But we grow up and we change, and now I’m learning to be accepting of the grown up I’m becoming. I’m learning to be okay with not doing yoga everyday or being okay not following my running training to a T (okay I admit this still bothers me a bit). It’s weird to think we how different we were only a few short years ago. Or even weirder the thought of the even more grown up, grown up we’ll become.

I took the living to learn theme to the next level that week and enrolled in a Beginners Spanish class for the month of July through the Ontario Continuing Eduction Program. I came away still knowing zero Spanish, but this was one thing on my bucket list. It still is, I have much more to learn. But I don’t know what was harder leaning proper enunciation of verbs or CrossFit’s proper squat and rowing technique!

The super challenge of the week was to take a walk and get lost in nature. Look around your environment with no place to go in your mind. Sometimes getting lost is the best was to find yourself. Although I didn’t go for a walk everyday, I feel as though I’m going through the super challenge right now, figuring our my life ahead and new challenges to face. One being this half marathon! Let’s take my life lessons, one step at a time. Thinking back to week 6 is helping with all of that, I just have to be paitence and accepting of certain struggles. Something I’m still learning, as I said before.

Now, to really explore the meaning of live to learn – Dave Roemmele, Moksha’s Studio Development Director tells his meaning to live to learn:


2012, what else is in store?

My first race! How is 2012 halfway over?


2012 has been a crazy (and amazing) fitness year so far. When this blog idea actually came to life, I found myself wanting to do as many blog worthy classes, races, climbs whatever, just to write about them. I’ve had moments of self discovery, found rage I didn’t knew existed in me, but more importantly I can cross off some of the new years resolutions from my list. Remember way back when?…

Not only have I completed a 30 day yoga challenge, I did two – yes, Matt, I’m saying two – I have JK to back me up here! This is where the self discipline, friendly coaching, and pure determination to power though really kicked in. I quickly realized fitness (at any level) can fit into your daily routine quite easily, if you let it. Mind you, I still make excuses not to, but instead ask myself if this is what I really need right now? It’s okay not to practice yoga three times a day, every day. Although I do find it very hard now a days to not go a day without practicing. This could also be because I’m crazy.

I ran a real race! And not only that I’ve done two so far, my third is coming up in August – the Mid Summer Night’s Run I’m running with Erin. And I will run a half marathon before the year is out. Again, this could also be a refection of my obsessive personality.

I also joined a running group, Erin’s Pubruns running group, and found a new yoga/running/work best friend to drag along with me, but who has inspired me to take on more fitness adventures (and is teaching me everything doesn’t have to be a competition). Yes, I’m talking about you, Cecilley!

As for eating more healthy and being aware of what’s going into my body, I Lived My Moksha and really tried to implement each of the 7 pillars into my life. Some weeks where easier than others, but that’s the whole part of a challenge. And no I still have not claimed my head stand prize. The competition was put on hold. I think Graham is scared. Although I’ve gave him zero reason to be afraid.

2012 has taught me a lot of important things. Don’t be afraid to try new things, to set intentions as well as goals, and to listen to my body. This head stand competition will be the fail of 2012 I can see that coming. But I will continue to look at the positives – like climbing the CN Tower, my new mission to save lives, I met Ted Grand! I paddled the Don, I went on a yoga retreat and I’m now considering my yoga teacher training. (Hint: I also may or may not be going on another retreat with Jackie over the holidays.). All positive experiences.

I used to be afraid of the how: How will I make things happen? How will I become a real runner and run marathons? How will I pay for another trip to Costa Rica? Haha… I’m making things happening right before me. 2012, it’s been fun. But I may have spoken too soon. Erin has a new mission for us – the Toronto Urban Warrior – oh my. This could be very interesting.

The only item that needs a check is my triathlon training. But hey I still have another 6 months for this, and the summer has only just begun!

Living Your Moksha week #5 – Outreach

We're reaching out!


After Sangha Support week was done, I’ve was feeling a whole lot better. I did many acts of kindness. My cousin from Halifax was in town, so it was easy kind of easy to be nice. I treated her to lunch, bought her snacks at very competitive volleyball matches we went to together. I even took Friday off work to take her to Toronto Island. I was a very good elder cousin. I even tried to bring her to a Moksha class to complete the super challenge for the week — introduce Moksha to someone new — but Erica wasn’t having it. Hey, I tried at least!

The Sunday of Sangha Support week was Moksha Downtown’s Boost Party and I was ready to celebrate. At first my plan was to go to the evening yin class then boggie home to bed. But, with very little effort from Erin (again not our Erin, but MYD studio manager), I was easily persuaded to stay. We watched the Hungry For Change (which every should see) and enjoy yummy kale chips from Feel Good Guru (which everyone should eat). And to wash it all down we drank local organic beer! Yogis know how to party.

So what was in store for week #5? Outreach.

Yoga is a community of givers. This week we were inspired to give back to another community. Whether it was volunteering at a charity or organizing you feel passionate about. The idea is to give back an hour of your time each day. This is why I love the Moksha world and yoga so much – I feel inspired to change the world, myself and the people around me. I want to do great things (I have no idea what those great things will be just yet), but more often than I like, the pressures of reality set in and some of my dreams seem impossible. With yoga, I feel unstoppable and nothing is impossible.

Outreach for me was another non-scary week because Cecilley and I are in full Team In Training mode! We are planning events, brainstorming ideas to fundraise, all while planing west coast adventure. And of course we are running. Every Saturday at 8am we hit the pavement with the TNT Ontario community.

Getting involved with TNT was my way (at first) to get to LA before I turn 27. Remember Bran Van 3000? Ya, me too and that was my plan to go drinking in LA. At 26. When Cecilley found out she too was on board for the plan. But Cecilley had slightly better intentions than I. She wanted to go for a cause and TNT was the cause to get us there. All of a sudden TNT became my way of running a half marathon. Who wouldn’t want to got to San Francisco for the Nike Women’s Marathon?!

After 4 weeks with Team In Training there is no doubt my intentions have changed. People involved have a reason to flight and participate. The stories I’ve heard are inspirational and with TNT anyone can be a runner. That’s just what I needed to hear. I’m running to help better the lives of those living with Leukemia & Lymphoma – this is how I’m reaching out. And when it’s all over, I will find another community to get involved with. That’s what a good yogi would do (and I’m always thinking TWTD do?).

Here Ted reaches out to all the yogis in the Moksha community to encouraging change for the world and change with ourselves. I will change the world, Ted, I will!

Living Your Moksha week #3 – Live Green



After my life changing experience with the one and only Ted Grand I was ready to really take on this LYM challenge once and for all! I was healthy and accessible (to a degree) but now it was time to Live Green. Bring it on. I live a pretty green lifestyle as is, and I was ready to breeze through this week with my eyes closed. But living green (and I mean full on) can be a lot harder then one may think. Sure recycling is easy and composting is too, but it’s so much more then that. There are so many deeper ways to live green. That’s what I learned anyway.

The focus for this week’s pillar was to eat a vegetarian or vegan diet AND/or only buy locally produced food. Since I’m a vegetarian already I didn’t give that much thought. I’m living green all the time according to LYM standards!

Now that I look back, I suppose I could have pushed myself to eat more vegan and stop pretending I’m a vegan (I really like to think I’m a vegan). May be I need to reassess my intentions for this challenge? Part of me didn’t want to strict up my diet. Again, I did just finish cleansing and we all know how well that went. I know, I’ve been using this excuse for a long time. But, you should be proud of me, I decided to obey the pillar and be green my life in other ways.

The even harder part was really thinking about my actions each day and make the greener choice. Was I throwing things away that I could reuse? Was the food I bought locally grown? Thank goodness with the warm weather comes farmers markets and local produce! Farmers markets would have made this week lot easier. But you can source locally goodness in places like Kensington Market and St. Lawrence Market you just have to make the effort to seek it out. Because what are you supposed when the foods you need are not available locally? Have you ever stopped to read and look at where the food you buy comes from? I struggled with this too. Yes, buying local or organic when and where it’s possible is best, but it can get really pricey. And if you’re like me, you can’t afford to spend lots and lots on groceries all the time. The idea is do what you can and modify products you purchase and eat where possible. One money saver (and green saver!) is packing your lunch in reusable containers. I did this this whole week. More green points for me!

As the week went on I had more time to reflect on WWTGD (What would Ted Grand do?) around my daily decisions. I want to think in many ways Ted would have been very proud of my green successes. Like I said I packed my lunches for work, didn’t buy anything with take out containers or wrapped in plastic. I even saved my unused napkins after dinning out with my cleaning colleague at work for lunch. Oops, I forgot I did eat out once. My bad. I did actually convince one person at work to do the cleanse with me, this was our victory lunch together. I was very shocked I convinced someone too. But I stayed true to the super challenge and used zero disposable containers and I really tried to reduce my waste to zero for the whole week. Having zero waste is tough. We throw away a lot of stuff. It helped I was still living alone at this point. Jenn was away traveling with basketball Olympians while I was trying to be garbage free. There is even a challenge to do this. I like me a challenge!

So what else do I have to add to my green tasks (I tallied up a few more once I thought even harder about WWTGD). My apartment is Bullfrog Powered remember Moksha is bullfrogpowered too. I rode my bike everywhere (I do all the time) and I even practiced yoga everyday! I really did this week.

I was so good!

Living Your Moksha week #2 – Be Accessible

Being accessible was a little harder then I had expected. What did this even mean anyway? And to further cramp my style, I felt off this whole week (May 8 to May 14). Not only was I still struggling with the whole cleansing business, I was still thrown off from my practice.

And that really bothered me. Not to mention I was already a week behind from headstand success; Graham kindly reminded me each time I’d see him how far along he’s getting. I’m screwed.

As you are all probably well aware, challenge or no challenge, yoga is my go to for everything and never once has it let me down. Mind you, I’ve had my fair share of difficult classes (which I’m sure Erin and JK will come to discover once or twice during their 30 day challenge), but for the most part it is my escape. Whether I’m bored, tired, energized, cramped, stiff, just want to see people I know, whatever the case maybe yoga is always there. So when it came time for me to be accessible I figured I’d be accessible to yoga and practice (almost) every day for this week (plus I didn’t practice all week during Be Healthy week and that was the recommended super challenge). I really need the head stand practice!

But one problem: I could not for the life of me shake this cleanse. So instead I decided to really dig deep into my accessibility. The main focus for the week was practicing active listening – then each night we were to reflect on our day by writing in a journal. I did not write in a journal, instead I wrote posts. Wow, I was really terrible this week. No way did I deserve any stickers on my LYM chart.

I tried active listening at work, while I was out doing whatever I was that week, and more importantly I stuck to the cleanse. I suppose I was being accessible to myself and did not give up. I really wanted to stick this thing through to the end. With only one small slip up (I had some wine with Erin before going to Bring It On the Musical), but in a weird way I think I needed it. The whole heavy metals news freaked me out a bit.

After day 8, the end was in sight and I could feel the finish drawing nearer. I wanted this to end! But now that I’ve stopped to rethink about the 10 days, I miss it. This surprised me too! Friday evening I went off the cleanse entirely. Shannon my old roommate was in town, I had to celebrate, but I was not happy with myself come Saturday. After eating too much not appropriate cleanse foods, I felt gross, angry, and was really upset with myself. I worked too hard to blow this whole thing off. So after that weekend I decided to not let people influence my choices for a better me. Whether it’s food, socializing, anything I’m going to stay true to what’s best for me. Yes I will cave, but when and where it’s approprate I will be okay with that (wine with Erin – totally okay!). I just went too far too quickly having Shannon around and I’m still not happy with myself for that, which then turned into a whole weekend of guilt feeling icky-ness.

Listening to me, my body, being okay with not practicing yoga everyday, and taking the cleanse beyond the 10 days is how I was accessible. After feeling really crumbly for my choices on Friday, this article from LYM helped – How To Stop Beating Yourself Up Over Mistakes. I am terrible for this!

My yoga class with the Ted Grand

Last week while I was trying to be accessible — a more detailed post on this struggle later — I did have one moment of solitude to shed some light on this horrific week of cleansing (and trying to figure out how the heck you’re accessible in a yoga practice). I had discovered the one and only Ted Grand was coming to teach a class at Moksha Downtown! Who is Ted Grand you may ask?! Well he just so happens to be one of the co-founders of Moksha Yoga, and yoga celebrity. Well, I consider him a celebrity.


See? He's on the cover of a magazine. Celebrity!


Mr. Moksha, the man I’ve been dying to meet for 2 whole years, was teaching a class in Toronto, at my studio! It was fate. But one problem stood in my way, he was teaching at noon, on a Thursday. Whyyy?? A noon hot yoga class is not conducive to the 9-5 working folks. Lucky for me work is super close to the studio, but factoring in extra time to arrive extra early, to shower and get back to the office …. this was going to be a very long lunch hour. I had to take this class, so I derived a plan. I’ve only ever seen Ted in passing or practicing at Moksha Downtown, or heard he was around the Bullfrog office, (No, I am not a stalker, although that just sounded very much like I am), I’ve never actually had the chance to formally introduce myself. That was until last Monday.

But first my brilliant plan. For those who may not know, Ted cares very much for the planet. He cares so much that all Moksha studios (in Canada) are Bullfrog powered.

See… (This is jumping ahead to this week’s pillar, but oh well.)



I would pitch that going to Ted’s class would be excellent way for Bullfrog to show our appreciation to Moksha Yoga. Then my boss would have to let me go to class. It would be for work! Brilliant! I was the connector after all. When I’m not working I’m at Moksha Downtown and when I’m not practicing I’m working at Bullfrog. My two worlds were colliding nicely together. This was amazing.

And an even better part of the scheme — I mean work building opportunity — I would invite the whole office to come to the class too! It would be a Bullfrog outing.

Gosh, I even remember my days working at Fashion Take Action when Kelly talked frequently of Moksha yoga (this was before my trading days) and her friends Ted and Tara. That would be Canadian singer/song writer Tara MacLean (also wife of Ted Grand). This was so long ago. Look at me now.

So back to Monday. When I arrived at the office, Lindsay (colleague, fellow member of the Bullfrog running club, and Moksha Bloor West yogi), said Ted was coming to the office! And after pitching her the idea to take our office people to Ted’s class on Thursday (this was discussed while running one lunch hour) the plan was approved. This week couldn’t get better. But it did. Before Lindsay’s meeting with Ted, I was allowed in to meet him. It was a blessing. And so was his class.

Ted has an amazing aura, and was so mindful of each person in the room. He taught in a way that I even felt connected to everyone there. It didn’t matter what shape, or size or your yogi level of experience there was no ego. I’m not going to lie, I had this image he would speak God-like and this voice would move me in a healing sort of way. I had to be reminded he is a human too. But Ted was a joker. He made me smile, feel overly light and at peace. He is humble and kind all of which shines as he teaches.

I was completely accessible to being in the room and on my mat. Ted showed me how to be accessible in yoga and in my day.

Living Your Moksha Week #1 – Be Healthy


Thank goodness for last Friday! It was a day I’ve been waiting for, for what felt like forever.

If you’ve been flowing the blog you’ll know why I was over excited for this day to come. It was my day of freedom! Freedom of this wretched cleanse I’ve been putting myself through over the past 10 days. But now it’s “officially” over. I use “officially” loosely — we are supposed to continue this forced eating habit for another 2 weeks — I feel as though I should even though I was held under great duress. But a bigger part of me says I deserve my cake and should eat it to. I did follow a strict eating guide, drank more than enough tea to last my entire lifetime and took morning shots of the awful tasting E-3 Live. That I will not miss. But apparently it’s supposed to be one of the best things you could possibly take for your body. There are way too many things out there making that claim.

It’s rather hard to keep track, let alone know, what you should and should not be consuming these days. I don’t take anything in the way of supplements other than fibre, B12 and iron. And that’s because I have to (or it’s highly recommended that I should), because being a vegetarian and all we’re prone to low iron and B12. Anything else is far too much for me to comprehend. Although I would if there weren’t so many options and information to digest. I need something simple, like take this and you will live forever!

I felt as though my routine worked, at at least that’s what I thought anyway.

Way back when, when I decide to take on the LYM challenge, knowing full well week 1 was “Be Healthy” I figured this spring cleanse was the perfect way for me to be healthy. After all I was in search of some major change to happen. This cleanse wasn’t exactly what I was searching for. Come to think of it, this kicked me in the ass! Never once did I have the euphoric moment of energy and wellness coming together in harmony, clearing my sight and vitalizing my tast buds. This never happened to me. Instead I was dead tired, I could hardly practice yoga (nor was I capable of any physical activity), and my thighs have never felt so heavy in my whole life. What the hell, what gives!?

Day 1 was easy eating all the fruit I wanted, at the end of day 2 if I ate another raw veggie I was going to hurl, then day 3 hit. That’s when it hit me the hardest. My legs and whole body felt 200 pounds heavier, plus I was exhausted. I think the coffee withdraw was catching up. But slowly as the days came closer and closer to day 10 I was beginning to feel a bit lighter. When I saw Allison on day 7 I had to ask what was wrong with me? Apparently this cleanse was just the thing I needed to open my eyes to what I’ve putting into my body – I could have heavy metals in there! This cleanse may have been the start to a whole new me. That’s TBD.

I suppose this wasn’t the worst experience of life, however, I can’t quite understand it. I’m active and do more yoga than any normal person should, so the outside of me is fine. But I have no idea what’s going on inside. That’s what this experience has taught me, that I need to pay attention to be healthier on the inside. Therefore, I’ve decided (here’s the major change!) I’m going to stick to eating the one ingredient food philosophy, drink the big glass of lemon water to kick start my day each day, keep adding fibre to my drinks/food before bed, and eating flax seeds! Lets face it, I’m going to enjoy my alcohol, coffee and bananas! I’m not going completely nuts. If I mindfully cut out bad things (such as things with ingredients I can’t pronounce), I will reward myself with this finer things. It’s all about moderations. I have to allow for indulgence once in awhile.

So that’s how I was healthy for week 1 – I cleansed and discovered a bigger meaning to Be Healthy.


My own living Moksha challenge



Lately, I’ve been finding my thought process towards fitness has taken on a bit of an alternative motive. Sure challenges are fun to accept and I like having stories for the blog to show how crazy committed I am to this. But I’m finding my need to know if I won or lost or was I successful becoming my over lying reason for accepting challenges. Is that bad? I don’t really know.

I blame my competitive nature growing up. Having a sporty mother (who grew up with 4 brothers) who put Erin, Anne (our baby sister) and myself in all the same sports, activities, etc., we did everything the same. I’ve been thinking more about this, is this why I seem to have an ultimatum for every thing I do? It’s great to have a goal, but setting an intention is a completely different thing. I’ve never really ever stopped to think what the difference between the two actually is.

It wasn’t until Day 1 of the Living Your Mosksha Challenge when I realized goals and intentions are not the same thing, but different – it was smack dab starring me in the face on the Intention string we were all given – I need to start setting intentions for my fitness regiments and not do them solely for the goal of just saying I did it. Although, this is a form of motivation for me! Hence the CN Tower climb, the 10k, the Speedo Run… the list goes on.

See? I can do anything! Even yoga on pavement!


Maybe it’s the lack of food going to my brain (it’s is now day 4 of this spring cleanse I’m torturing myself with). I’m kind of worried I’m developing a Type A personality. I am doing this cleanse just to prove I can eat pretty much nothing for 10 days and survive. Actually that was only day 1 and 2, there are a lot of things one can make and eat on this cleanse – I trust Allison which is why I’m doing it. Just to say I did a cleanse is not the entire reason for the cleanse. I want to feel as light and grounded as I did in Coast Rica, and I want think differently about food entirely. See, I do have good intentions!

And eating better goes along with week 1 of the Living Your Moksha – Be Healthy.

But now because of this whole LYM challenge going on I thought it would be awesome to have a challenge within the challenge between all the different Moksha studios in the country. It could create a very cool nation wide sense of community with a competitive edge. And there could be a winning studio – which Moksha will be the best?! I really don’t know what the challenge could be, maybe who has the most participants or what is your studio doing for each of the 7 pillars? I think it’s a great idea!

Monday night while I was on trade duty Partica (the manager this evening) thought it was a great idea too, Graham (the other trade that night) did not. “Competition is not the way of yoga” he said and that I shouldn’t accept a challenge just to win. There are other types of challenges like the LYM for instance – it’s a life challenge. Well, I sure put my foot in my mouth big time because now after the 7 weeks are done Graham has challenged me to a free standing head stand competition – who can last longer in a head stand and you can’t use the wall! Oh man. This all happened so fast, why did I agree to this?

I have 7 weeks to practice. I have a horrible feeling I may end up buying Graham a lot of pints (the loser owes the winner beers). My new intention is to think before accepting a challenge, my goal is to last longer then Graham.

Living your Moksha


This time last year Moksha Yoga introduced the Living Your Moksha Challenge to the yoga world. Me, being a trade at Moksha Downtown, saw the posters and wondered, “How can anyone do yoga for 7 weeks straight?” 30 days seemed hard enough. 7 weeks is beyond crazy.

Mind you, this was fresh off my very unsuccessful first attempt at a 30 day challenge (the unplanned 30 days was successful attempt number two), so my perception of this particular challenge was a little skewed. I completely boycotted the idea of any yoga challenge — yes, I do tend to be a tad extreme when I don’t complete something after the first time trying it — I didn’t want to be a failure again, and so I didn’t pay any attention to this living your yoga business.

No, you do not do yoga for 7 weeks straight. I found this out a year later. A few weeks ago to be exact when an email was sent out to all the Downtown trades about the upcoming challenge. Erin (not our Erin, but Erin my studio manager) outlined the 7 pillars behind the challenge and explained what the challenge actually was. I felt rather silly after this.

Here’s a quick video about LYM, the real deal:



So think of this as a yoga challenge off your mat. Taking the feelings yoga gives you, the foundation you build on in class, and the idea of inner peace to your everyday life. Sounds easy, right? It is April after all, a time for spring cleaning and new beginnings. I feel as though a major change needs to happen in my life and I’m ready to commit myself to this. That or it’s Costa Rica withdrawal. I need that post yoga retreat high on life and zen outlook to everything, I want to eat insanely well again and fell great. I want this all again! And I wouldn’t mind both the sun and surfers too, while I’m at it.

So here I go. Starting May 1st, I accepted this Living Your Moksha challenge. It could very well be just what I need to rethink and refuel for summer. I have a horrible feeling parts are going to be terrible, as I’m starting a 10 day detoxifying cleanse as part of the “Be Healthy” pillar lead by Dr. Allison Creech. You may remember her from the voice that puts me to sleep, the Costa Rica voice of reason. But hopefully the community behind LYM and my fellow yogis at Downtown will be there to help me when I’m ready to punch something because I can’t have my morning coffee. Hey, I can do anything now! I climbed the CN Tower!

As a tease, here is some pillars you can expect to see in the 7 weeks;

1. Be Healthy: Practice yoga daily for one week (piece of cake, I did 30 in a row!)
2. Live Green: Green your plate – 7 days of vegetarian/vegan delicious food eating (I’m already a vegetarian, easy!)
3. Be Peace: Extra long savasana each day (I pass out during every savasana, is this really on the list?!)
4. Sign up now and you can join me in this crazy yoga challenge!

Maybe this whole challenge thing won’t be as bad as I think.

We shall see.