Living Your Moksha week #5 – Outreach

We're reaching out!


After Sangha Support week was done, I’ve was feeling a whole lot better. I did many acts of kindness. My cousin from Halifax was in town, so it was easy kind of easy to be nice. I treated her to lunch, bought her snacks at very competitive volleyball matches we went to together. I even took Friday off work to take her to Toronto Island. I was a very good elder cousin. I even tried to bring her to a Moksha class to complete the super challenge for the week — introduce Moksha to someone new — but Erica wasn’t having it. Hey, I tried at least!

The Sunday of Sangha Support week was Moksha Downtown’s Boost Party and I was ready to celebrate. At first my plan was to go to the evening yin class then boggie home to bed. But, with very little effort from Erin (again not our Erin, but MYD studio manager), I was easily persuaded to stay. We watched the Hungry For Change (which every should see) and enjoy yummy kale chips from Feel Good Guru (which everyone should eat). And to wash it all down we drank local organic beer! Yogis know how to party.

So what was in store for week #5? Outreach.

Yoga is a community of givers. This week we were inspired to give back to another community. Whether it was volunteering at a charity or organizing you feel passionate about. The idea is to give back an hour of your time each day. This is why I love the Moksha world and yoga so much – I feel inspired to change the world, myself and the people around me. I want to do great things (I have no idea what those great things will be just yet), but more often than I like, the pressures of reality set in and some of my dreams seem impossible. With yoga, I feel unstoppable and nothing is impossible.

Outreach for me was another non-scary week because Cecilley and I are in full Team In Training mode! We are planning events, brainstorming ideas to fundraise, all while planing west coast adventure. And of course we are running. Every Saturday at 8am we hit the pavement with the TNT Ontario community.

Getting involved with TNT was my way (at first) to get to LA before I turn 27. Remember Bran Van 3000? Ya, me too and that was my plan to go drinking in LA. At 26. When Cecilley found out she too was on board for the plan. But Cecilley had slightly better intentions than I. She wanted to go for a cause and TNT was the cause to get us there. All of a sudden TNT became my way of running a half marathon. Who wouldn’t want to got to San Francisco for the Nike Women’s Marathon?!

After 4 weeks with Team In Training there is no doubt my intentions have changed. People involved have a reason to flight and participate. The stories I’ve heard are inspirational and with TNT anyone can be a runner. That’s just what I needed to hear. I’m running to help better the lives of those living with Leukemia & Lymphoma – this is how I’m reaching out. And when it’s all over, I will find another community to get involved with. That’s what a good yogi would do (and I’m always thinking TWTD do?).

Here Ted reaches out to all the yogis in the Moksha community to encouraging change for the world and change with ourselves. I will change the world, Ted, I will!