Mission run a half marathon is on

10k down! What's next?

After running the Toronto Yonge Street 10k I am determined to be a fast runner! Now that running is fun, I also what to strat running farther. This may not be so fun.

I don’t really remember where my sudden need to run races came from. Knowing Erin was running all the time way back when, then dedicated herself to run a marathon, may have helped slightly. Actually it helped a lot. Running a marathon I feel is one of those things on everyone’s bucket list. I would love to say “I ran a marathon!” one day, but highly doubt I can hold my attention for that length of time. What do people think about for this long? How do they push themselves though those awful stretches when anything would be more appealing than running another second? I’m not going to scratch the marathon idea just yet, it’s only May and I’ve already signed up for race number three The Midsummer Night’s Run. I think my sights are set on a half marathon. I would be very happy to run this far in the short amount of time I would call myself a runner.

I’m convincing myself if I can finish 15k in August I can do a half in the fall. Plus I’m still using the “I climbed the CN Tower” bit to convince myself I can do anything. That, and I have to say each race I run gets better and better and more and more fun. Thank goodness Erin is running the 15k too that’s pretty much the whole reason I agreed to it, oh and I’ve been told people dress up like fairies! I want to dress up as a fairy. At this rate by the fall I will love running, only if it involves dressing up. And sleep overs at Erin’s. That is very important.

Runners look and talk like very fit people should. Or at least that’s my impression of them anyway. Races make me feel like I could be one of them. I really want to belong mostly because of Charlie and Graham, and now Jenn too. I live in a house with a super couple — you may remember them from the day I ran in Yorkville wearing nothing but a speedo — who run races and train for the Iron Man competitions and an all star track superstar, no wonder I have this overwhelming urge to be great at running. But thankfully Erin keeps me on track. Her upbeat confidence in me, tells me I can run a 10k sub 50 if I train for it.

And maybe run a half marathon too.