How I spent my Halifax vacation

Lucky for me, just after a 2 week return to Toronto from my holiday break at home and in New York, work sent me back to the homeland to work the OptiMYz Health Expo and train our new Maritime marketing coordinator on my event expertise (thank you Bullfrog!).

Life was great. I had the chance to show off work-wise, work an event in a new region, actually train other Bullfrog staff, and see my dear Mommy again for some mother/(middle) daughter bonding time. Time for me to get spoiled.

Oh wait, I totally forgot about this yoga thing I’ve committed myself to. Thank goodness for Moksha Yoga Halifax (and for my personal taxi service catering to my work and yoga needs. Thanks Mom!)


The outside of the studio!


After asking all my teachers at Moksha Yoga Downtown what Moksha Halifax was all about, I decided to go see it for myself. Day 1 (Day 16 of my challenge) was superb! I was greeted by the lovely Joanna Thurlow Murphy and Kyla MacKinnon – owner and assistant manager respectively. And Kyla just happened to be teaching the 5:30pm Moksha Flow class I came for. It rocked! I was excited, energized and high off the fact I took Halifax Transit, for the first time in my life, to get there (sorry, that was kind of exciting for me). Once thing you need to know before arriving, their practice room is square. No, not square as in lame – square as in a box. The shape plus having 4 rows of people in the practice room was an interesting mix, one I’m not use to. If you like the mirror you better come early, otherwise spend the extra time figuring out where on earth to place your mat. That was totally me. I then tried a new spot for each class I took. It was kind of a fun game I made for myself.

Each class I took was fantastic. I thank the great teachers plus the awesome yoga streak I was on. Days 12 to 19 kick butt of which I really should thank Moksha Halifax for. I loved the friendly,warm welcoming atmosphere everyone gave me plus the constant updates Kyla wanted about my challenge. It was really cool they cared. By the end of my trip I felt like one of the family.

The inside of the studio!

Thursday Jan 19: 5:30pm Moksha Flow with Kyla

The best. Kyla is great and nice and pretty and I felt great in her class. After a warm welcome this class was exactly what I wanted.

Friday Jan 20: 8am Moksha with I can’t remember! 🙁

I feel so terrible I can’t remember who taught this class. I was obviously still sleep when my uncle dropped me off. I do remember she was a delight – could it have been Lauren? I would wake up early and miss part of work every Friday for my mystery teacher.

Saturday Jan 21: 4pm Moksha with Kirsten

After a full day at OptiMYz surrounded by beautiful fit people it’s like Kirsten knew where I was. Whoo baby this class was a workout. Yoga skeptics need to take a 90 minute Moksha class with Kirsten. We pumped out double powerful poses, more planks than I can even remember and so much abdominal work you’d want to run to the closest beach.

Sunday: 2pm Moksha with Venessa

Sunday I was a tired. Very tired and sleepy. I honestly didn’t want to do anything, but when 2pm rolled around I was ready. Venessa taught at a gentle pace but made you work just the same. I liked this a lot. And I wasn’t sleepy anymore!

Monday: No Class

Mom wanted me to show off my yoga moves at home for her instead. And she offered to make me breakfast before driving me to the airport. I struggled with this decision, but I suppose I could double up another day to spend quality time with her instead.


It was like each day, class and teacher new exactly what I needed. It was kind of scary, but awesome.

Bottom line is if you live in Halifax join the Moksha Hali family, if you visiting drop by. The studio is a present surprise from the practice room to the change rooms — it’s beautiful.

Moksha Halifax, thank you for your hospitality. I will be back! And hopefully sooner than expected.