Marathon Training Day #32: Monarch Madness

photo (29)

My speed work-out this week was precise: 8×400 splits with 90 break in between. Since it was cold and slippery, I made my second trip to the Monarch Park Stadium indoor track. Now that I knew that one lap was 370 metres, I mapped out 400m from the southeast and northwest corners. Instead of taking the 90 seconds, I decided to run 400m, walk to the next corner, run 400m and repeat until complete. The timing was pretty close, it usually took between 75 and 110 seconds to do the walking, depending on how winded I was. I know this is slightly cheating, but it was the easiest thing to do distance-wise and made sure I never stopped moving and cramped up.

My splits:

1. 1:58:57
2. 1:58:12
3. 1:57:64
4. 1:56:22
5. 2:03:61
6. 1:55:46
7. 1:56:54
8. 1:47:41

These are weirdly fast. Which means one of two things: speedwork works OR I’m doing something wrong. Let’s go with the first one, shall we?