Monday Miles: April 2-15

I’ve all but abandoned this marathon idea. I blame Around the Bay. In the three weeks since, I haven’t run enough. I’m still toying deluding myself that, despite my lack of true training, it’s a possibility, but I may drop down to the half-marathon. I’d much rather run a strong, solid half-marathon that I’m proud of than an ill-advised full marathon that could turn me off running forever or, worse, injure me. I’ll keep you updated on this constant interna debate as it rages on. But first: I need to update you on my training!


April 2-8


Monday: 10k I’ve discovered that if I run north to Mortimer instead of just stopping at Bloor, I can add a few kilometres to my final total. This was my first post-ATB run, a full week after it happened. It was not pretty.


Tuesday: rest
I had a run planned, but felt awful and had an event after work. So I bailed on the morning run. See? This is why a marathon is looking like a bad idea.


Wednesday: 11k
This was almost the same route as Monday. It hurt almost as much.


Thursday: rest
A planned rest day. I enjoyed very second of it.


Friday: Power Yoga at Kula
It was Good Friday so Jill, JK and I celebrated by checking out the new Power Yoga offering at Kula. We all approved.


Saturday: Harry Spring Run-Off 8k
At the time I signed up for this, I thought this race would be a run addition to my training. And it was: beautiful day, challenging course, running friends abound. There wasn’t a lot to complain about here — and you know how much I like to complain!


Sunday: 11.2k
Immediately after the race on Saturday, we headed up to Matt’s family’s cottage for some Easter goodness. Last time, Jill and I ran at the cottage, we did the 16k to town and back with little trouble. This was not the case this time around. We were both sore from our race, so when we saw Matt on the road to come pick us up a full 5k before we were supposed to, we bailed heartily.

April 9-15



Monday: rest
A race followed by a long run deserves to be followed by a day off.


Tuesday: 7k
I bought new shoes the day before, so used this short run to test them out. Since they are the same make and model as my old shoes (these ones!), they worked just fine.


Wednesday: 12.1k
The run the day before was cold and windy and I wasn’t happy with it. I headed out and did the run-all-the-way-to-Mortimer trick to get a decent long-ish run in. It’s funny how runs can be so different from each other, as I felt strong the whole time and enjoyed the run.


Thursday and Friday: rest
Thursday was a planned rest day. I just got lazy on Friday because it was cold and rainy and I just didn’t want to run. I regretted this around 9pm, after I had a few drinks in me. I could have at least gone to yoga.


Saturday: 18k
I knew pubruns was on Sunday, so I wanted to get a long run in on Saturday. This was going to be my true marathon test. If I could crank out something in the 30k range, a marathon on May 6 was in my reach. That, as you can tell, didn’t happened. I just wasn’t feeling it. I probably could have powered through if I really pushed myself, but didn’t see the point in that. But 18k puts me in good half-marathon position.


Sunday: 12.2k
Sunday was pubruns day! When I got up in the morning, it was pouring. Thankfully, by the time we started running (we did the Don Valley Trail to Cherry Beach), it was just misty. Major props to the ladies who came out! We treated ourselves to brunch at Okay Okay after and that was definitely more than okay! Add the clicks to pubruns and home from brunch, and this run was longer than I expected. Yay me!



We need new people to come out for pubruns. We don’t bite! I promise.