Yoga. Surf. RawFood: Day #2

Need to catch up? You can check out Day 1 of my yoga retreat here.

After a peaceful sleep at my new jungle home, Hecienda De Sol, I got cozy with my four roommates and made sure I knew where the important amenities were located: the practice room, the bathroom, and the dinning hall. I woke up that morning to the Costa Rician sunshine in my face and the sound of howler monkeys ringing in my ears. It was clear, I was in the jungle now!

Day 2:
Jackie began this morning with creative vinyasa. Boy, have I missed Jackie. But to my surprise the lady leading the morning meditation was not Jackie. Nope, it was Ezmy! Having arrived late the night before, we did not get to meet Ezmy at the opening circle. I was so intrigued by Ezmy the moment I met her. She was light and fun and couldn’t be more happy. And Ezmy saw my blog post about her and Mosksha LA! I knew right then and there Ezmy and I would be friends.

Jackie worked our hips this morning. Despite not practicing with Jackie for months, my body knew exactly what to do, even if my brain did not. I’m not the only who misses Jackie. The whole Moksha Yoga Downtown crew can attest to the change. We all miss you, Jackie!

After class was beach and surfing time! Before the retreat Jackie assigned me driving duties, today would be Day 1 of driving the dirt and narrow roads to Nosara. Luckily, all went well and we found the Nosara Surf Academy in no time.


Let's go surfing!

Let’s go surfing!


My instructor for the day was Kimberly, a hard core surfing gal from Florida. I was petrified. But by the end of Day 1, though, I as paddling my our waves and riding into the beach like a real pro. Must have been all the practicing from last time? Or maybe I’m a natural?!


The beach is this way.

The beach is this way.


That evening was a Kevin-inspired yin. We thumped, we stretched, and moved our joints around in many different ways. It wasn’t the yin I was expecting, but the “after” feeling blew my mind. Kevin knows his yoga, and knows how to express the feeling of yoga in an energetically stimulating way. I can not wait to visit Kula in NYC. After dinner, Ezmy gave a talk on the seven chakras of yoga.

The next day was New Year’s Eve and something special was in store for us. 2013 was going to start off great.