Run this London Town

Here we are. The Reebok Bromely FitHub Run Club!

Here we are. The Reebok Bromely FitHub Run Club!

Having arrived in the UK just in time for the holidays (I know it’s hard to keep track of my whereabouts!), but I can promise you this I’m going to be here for a while.

I made it! I finally made it to London! After all these years, the countless hours spent dreaming about it, imagining myself living here, meeting my future husband (I am sorry but I’ve been destined to marry Prince Harry since I was 10 – just ask my mom), this city is actually real. I was a child in a candy store, I couldn’t help myself or contain my excitement. But now that I’ve arrived it’s time to get serious.

Find a place to stay: Check.

I’m living with Charlie’s family in a town called Chistlehurst¬†and I’ve settled in quite nicely. I really like it. Okay, so I’m not in London exactly, but I’m working on it. I am, however, only a sort train ride away.

Practice yoga: Check.

I can finally say yes to this. Having to make a last minute present purchase before Christmas I made a grand discovery, the Reebok store in Bromley has free fitness classes. Knowing I would be back in the new year I left my email for more information. And sure enough I got an email in January about free in-store yoga. I was sold.

Find a yoga studio: Check.

I knew practicing once a week with Reebok wouldn’t be enough – not while I’m marathon training! – I need more yoga then that. And let’s face it I’ve been horrible at practicing on my own. So, I made it my mission to find a studio in the area. After a thorough Google search I discovered my options weren’t great. But, thankfully Reebok came trough for me once again. The free yoga classes are in partnership with Breeze Yoga Studio, so off to Breeze I went (their first class is free for newbies too!). I even went for a second time and plan to be a regular from now on. I managed to land a mat monitor role at the studio. This means lots more yoga for me!

Find a running group: Check.

Reebok is killing it! Not only do they have yoga, but a run club as well. This club meets twice a week and runs 5 to 6 miles (so far that is what we’ve done). Perfect! Now I have somewhere familiar to run and people to run with. The run club is in partnership with Petts Wood Runners and Richard is our coach (hi, Richard!).

Thanks Reebok Bromley for yoga and the picture!

Thanks Reebok Bromley for yoga and the picture!

Wow, all the things I’ve managed to check off, it almost feels like home. Now to find myself a job and more friends. I do need to get out once in awhile.