Yoga Heaven has expanded, Hallelujah!

Being the yoga junkie I am there is no better deal out there – that I can think of anyway, better than the Passport to Prana. Yoga is an expensive hobby, as most hobbies are. But, if you’re like me and commit to doing yoga at least three times a week (and that’s usually the minimum) classes add up and fast.


All these yogis are in heaven. Just like me. (Thanks 889 Yonge for the pic!)


So when a friend told me about the Passport I was instantly sold. For those not familiar with it I’m telling you now go treat yourself and buy one. It’ll be the best 30 bucks you can spend. I promise. And now the Passport is good for an entire year (even more reason to get one!). This magical card offers one drop in class/studio/year. I told you it’s amazing. It’s great for yoga newbies, for those who can’t afford to do yoga any other way, or for those still in search of their perfect yoga sanctuary– which is also a great spot you can try on the passport.

Now, I have to take a moment to reflect on my first visit to 889 Yonge. I still often dream about it. My “yin yoga partner in crime” and I made a pack the summer of 2010 to try all the yin classes possible on our passports. It was love at first sight when we walked into 889 – Yoga Heaven dawn its name. I remember the white, glowing walls, the soothing music, and the free lockers and towels were to die for. So when I found out a second Yoga Heaven now exists, I am have shed a tear. This tiny, little studio, quaintly tucked away on the 3rd floor, instantly teleports you out of the Thompson Hotel and off the busy strip of King West. When you’re felt wanting to curl up on a cloud and float away – that’s a serious yoga buzz.

The practice room overlooks the roof top patio, which can make for awesome outdoor summer classes. At least I hope that’s the plan. If not, it needs to be.

Getting Spun a second time


Class number 2 of my 5 class pass to Get Spun is complete. During Tuesday’s spinning class I couldn’t help stare at the other class going on outside the spinning class. This could also explain why I wasn’t completely focused on my class (a major downside to glass walls). Oops.


Another oops? Forgot to take pictures!


I quickly darted home and looked up what class was going on. It was the Ultimate Body Training Camp, that’s what. I had to do this. So Wednesday night I registered for class and came prepared to die.

For 45 minutes I got a good sweat on and Chase Lye was a great instructor. He took the friendly approach to training and didn’t yell at us. He was helpful and not scary – thanks for that Chase! I personally get angry when instructors yell at me. Yes, I want to work hard, but I don’t have to hate you even more for making me do something. But, maybe a mean trainer is what I need. Again, I felt as though I could have worked harder once the class was out, or am I being hard on myself? It is only my first week back from the holidays so I can’t jump the gun just yet. We shall see. I like feeling exhausted after a workout and this night I didn’t.

The class was the perfect size with just the right amount of equipment to go around. Our circuit training worked our whole bodies and we got to use TRX stuff. I was excited! I believe my fear of falling backwards will disappear after my TRX training. That’s up next.