Distance Learning Project #6: Sangha Support

Balance In Bali yoga retreaters!

Balance In Bali yoga retreaters (I have to thank Mandy again for the picture)!

For those wondering ”what on earth is a sangha?” and how do you support such a thing, remember back during my two attempts at Living My Moksha, or as it’s now called, Grow Your Yoga, sangha means community. The network of supporters around you, the groups you associate with, or better yet forcefully submersed yourself into and wouldn’t go away… Whatever the case maybe (or how you came to be apart of your network of people) in someway, shape, or form you yourself give back to these groups. As a member of a club or society or gang, you’re a piece of that puzzle.

Communities can fulfill us, empower us, give us peace (and sometimes stress us the hell out), but, for the most part, they keep us busy and happy. Supporting our sangha(s) in return seems only fair. This summer I had many sanghas I was apart of. I know what you’re thinking the summer and all the things that happened, including the running and the marathon, are all this girl ever talks about! And yes, I completely agree. But you know what they say, write to what you know. Apparently yoga, running, and work are the only things I know. That really isn’t all that surprising.

When it came time to figure out what I was going to do for this project, it really got me thinking. With all that happened I still had a pretty grand summer. I was pretty happy and I had amazing people all around me, my friends, my sisters, mentors, people I genuinely loved – so why wasn’t I fixated on the good stuff? I was living and breathing, biking everywhere I wanted to go, I provided myself with all that I needed to survive, such as good food and good company. It took me all this time to realize – that and leaving home and all these people behind – how lucky I was. It seems so silly now the way I acted. If only in the moments when we’re experiencing true happiness could we just appreciate it and not think of anything else. Because that would be too easy.

Thinking about my sanghas made me realize sometimes life is hard. And when life does get you down it’s okay to need support. It doesn’t make us weak or needy, it means we’re human with feelings and emotions. At some point or another we all need a little help getting back on track. I used this project as a way to thank all those people in my life who helped me out this summer, whether they knew they did or not. You all know who you are! But if you don’t, trust me you will 🙂

A sangha is a powerful thing. I am grateful to have more than one.

So what communities are you apart of? How would you give support to your sangha? Think about it, maybe give it a try. Because acts of kindness are so underrated.

Distance Learning Project #5: Live Green

Live Green, now this was the project for me. This project, and in particular this Moksha pillar, holds a lot of truth and a sense of realness to me. I love Moksha for believing in sustainability and caring for the environment – when something prides itself on how they are trying to make the world a better place, that’s something I can get behind! For this reason, and many more, differentiates Moksha as a yoga practice.

When it came time for me to Live Green I may have been a tad bit more excited to start this project then the others (thus far), but not to say the others won’t be great. Oddly enough the series of events in my past have lined up quite nicely with the order of my Distance Learning Projects which I have to say have made writing and blogging very complementary. But for this project, this one I knew I had in me.

You may recall me taking on elements of the Thrive Diet for my Be Healthy project. I derived the perfect plan, but if I was to hit two birds with one stone – linking healthy training with overall healthy living – I would need to think outside the box. I wanted to be healthy, yes, but more importantly how? That’s where the Living Green component came in. And so the focus of eating good quality foods in the greenest possible way would be the focus of my Living Green project. I made sure to buy the right foods, all the right ingredients for my shakes, smoothies, salads, and soups, I was ready to commit to making good food and reconnect with everything I ate in a way I haven’t in a very long time. And so I went to the local My Market farmers market (conveniently located right beside my apartment) each Wednesday and stocked up on my weeks supply of fruit and veggies. I’d bike (an excellent mode of green commuting on my part!) to Kensington Market for all the other ingredients I would require such a as cacao nibs, hemp protein, chia seeds, all the good things! And! I’d bring my own bags everywhere I went (zero plastic was coming home with me!). Not only did I implement green into everything I was doing I was also saving a lot of money by doing it. Buying things in bulk saves you a pretty penny and it cuts down on waste, and the clutter in your cupboards, big time. With all the pennies I was saving I would treat myself to dinner and a night shopping at Whole Foods every once in a while. Yes, this alone was motivation enough for me to stick with the plan. And so, this lead to many grand discoveries. One being the versatility of the Mason jar. Glass is better than plastic for storing and these babies are super multi functional. I apologize for those who already knew the wonder of Mason jars, I’m slowly catching up. But trust me, I will never own another cup or Ziploc container ever again. That’s a promise.

Buying local straight from the source, among the other things I mentioned above, cuts down our overall environmental impact. I would then brag to all my friends and family what I was doing in hopes they too would do the same – support and buy local. It got to the point where I knew one farmer in particular (he was from Picton where my marathon took place) by name and he knew mine. He’d ask how my training was going each week and how far I’d run that day, or if I was coming or going. It made my week. I had something to count on, and something I felt super good about.

Taking my health and training and greenness very seriously made for a very busy summer, but it is something I plan to commit to long term. Hopefully my efforts may inspire you to do the same! Or perhaps take on a Live Green project f your own. The possibilities are endless and I have many more ideas I’d be happy to share.

Distance Learning Project #4: Be Accessible

A nice reminder why I love Moksha. I can Be Accessible. I really can!

A nice reminder why I love Moksha. I can Be Accessible. I really can!

This summer has been the summer of challenges, change, and trying to find compassion with myself as the craziness life continued to unfold all around me. I know, you’re probably thinking… “Projects? More teacher training business? I thought this was long over?”… Long over due more like it.

While I finally rallied up the nerve here in Tokyo – yes a lot of time has passed this is true – to actually finish this project, I realized I have not been open to accessibility at all. And having been confronted about what’s really been bothering me, I felt like a terrible person. How can someone be traveling the world and be grumpy all the time?! I’m in a funk right now and I don’t like it. A fitness funk, a life funk, and a down right “why am I not happy and stop being uptight” funk. Thank goodness Cecilley put me in my place. Someone needed to. I would have punched me if I was her and I would have totally understood why. Yes, it was that bad.

So back to Being Accessible. This project was perfectly timed then, but possibly even more so now, and made for an excellent theme to my life. Learning to be accessible to change was the focus of this project. And it could not have been more spot on.

Way back when this project was first underway accessibility was me letting out of my job and what happened. I needed to find closure with this in a way that would give me a peace of mind. For my last day I always envisioned doing a grand gesture of some sort like baking cookies or writing little notes to everyone, but something had to be done in order for me to move past this. I believe it was Cecilley who suggested the idea of teaching a yoga class for my former colleagues. It would be completely unique, real, and a very authentic gesture of gratitude from me. What an excellent plan! But, regrettably, this did not happen. Why you ask. Because I chickened out. I pushed and pushed this project aside, avoiding the thought of planning the whole thing, and distracting myself with anything else. I think I was scared or truth be told I didn’t really what to do it. Being accessible at this sensitive time in my life was a lesson for me to be accessible to my heart and my true feelings. I don’t have to do things other people expect me to do or do things people want me to do. Or even doing things just because. Yes there is a time and a place when you do need to step out of your shell and maybe go out that one time when you really don’t want to, but you shouldn’t feel forced into anything. Life is too short to not enjoy one minute of it.

It took me a very long time to listen to what that actually meant. Back in August I was also in the very early planning phases of my year of travel and this was more important than anything else at the time. I was uprooting my life and leaving town. I needed out. I needed change and travel and a sense of connection to something more than the life I created in Toronto. I have a lot of things to figure out with myself before I can give back. My heart was in a heavy place, I needed to be true to it and not brush it aside anymore for the sake of others. But I also didn’t mind brushing it aside with distraction and activities. But now accessibility is coming back to haunt me as I travel. When certain things don’t go according to plan, or when I think Cecilley is upset with me because of something I said or a decision I made, I have to be aware of the “why” and let it go. I hate being a person on edge and rigid and I’ve been such a stick in the mud for way too long. I’m surprised Cecilley doesn’t hate me – or maybe she does? Man karma, it really can be a bitch.

In time I will reconnect with all of my colleagues, my mentors, and friends. And when I do I will be ready and in a much better place. But for right now I’m going to stop letting the stupid little things bother me that I can’t do anything about, other then figure it out and move on, I’m going to tackle the bigger issues in my life causing me stress – these are going to take a lot more work but I need to start somewhere – and I need to be a better friend and travel companion to Cecilley. I owe her so much, it’s the least I could do given she is all I’ve got!

Although the project didn’t go entirely as planned, I did find accessibility, in a much broader sense and in a much truer sense. Now it’s time to enjoy it. There’s a whole world to see and I’m not going to get in the way of myself anymore!

Making my own sport things, Vega style

You know what, this whole Being Healthy thing is actually quite easy. Ha! I can say this now coming from a place where I feel confident in my training, settled in my work routine (for now) and my fridge is stock with nothing my Thrive Diet approved ingredients. But I have yet to purchase a food processor, so making a lot of the recipes I want to where completely eliminated for my first attempt of making Thrive Diet things. With my first long run with the Running Room a few Sundays ago (remember back to training week #5) I wanted to be ready. I needed to show everyone I will be well hydrated, I need something to carry my gels in, and above all that I needed my confidence and that feeling of being ready to run. I’m not going to lie 19k with these runners had me rather nervous.

So after finishing the Thrive Diet from cover to cover I flagged all the things I want to make – basically everything – but to start it all off I thought a pre workout energy drink would be easy enough. Not only do I still need a good processor I am also still lacking a few key ingredients ie. hemp, hemp oil, chia seeds etc. Again, my options were limited. But! I settled on making the Mint Carob Sport Drink. It was weird at fist, but after refrigerating it for a day it got better with time. For the following days I drank a bit of this before each run and I felt great.

The Mint Carob Sport Drink. It was weird at first, but got better with time.

The Mint Carob Sport Drink. It was weird at first, but got better.

For my during activity fuel I made the Coconut Carob Gel with protein – these do not require a food processor, you can use a blender! Perfect. I do have a blender. These looked like sludge. I didn’t have them right away (Brendan swears they are best served fresh) but I wasn’t running for a few days. I kept them in the fridge and boy when I finally took it out on a test run it was so yummy! Proof you can’t base a book by it’s cover (or in this case gels on how they look). I love dates and the bit of chocolaty sweetness from the carob bits was delicious.

Coconut Carob Gel with Protein (the protein is hemp protein). These look awful I know.

Coconut Carob Gel with Protein (the protein is hemp protein). These look awful I know.

And last but not least I attempted a different smoothie – I’ve been stuck on the Vega One (natural flavor) and adding a half a banana, water, ice, some almond milk, and a scoop of almond/peanut butter for days – for the “drink a nutritious smoothie each day”. I actually took a break for like a week because I was having this way too much. So finally I broke the habit and made the Chocolate Almond Smoothie. It was an excellent choice.

And I drank all of it!

Have you attempted making your own drinks and things? Or have an amazing smoothie recipe I need to try? Tell me about it!

Distance Learning Project #3: Be Healthy

Coconut Carob gel with protein. Yummy!

Coconut Carob gel with protein. Yummy!

For my Moksha Teacher Training Be Healthy project I have decided to incorporate a new found life goal with a new-found determination to be a healthier all-around more fit person. How appropriate for my Be Healthy project, right? I also love blogging about all the things I’m doing.

So if you don’t know by now, I am training to run a marathon (the County Marathon in Prince Edward County on October 6, 2013 to be exact). And while I train and run, and train and recover, and run more but really, really far I will be incorporating elements of The Thrive Diet into my everyday life. Over the next two months, plus however many weeks I have from now until my race, I will commit to Being Healthy in the from of actual physical fitness and by adapting a healthy way of training. Hopefully I will find the perfect balance between the two to share with you all. That is the plan at least!

So why the Thrive Diet? The Thrive Diet author, founder of Vega and a super human Triathlete, Brendan Brazier, is super knowledgeable in the art of food and proper training. I have been a fan of his since my first Vega experience. I can’t help but be attracted to individuals who are out to make the world a better place, with such determination and stride – it kills me! I want to be like Brendan, and the many people like him out there in the world, who have found something they absolutely love and have made it their livelihood. I’m still searching for my thing, but I do feel as though I’m making some progress. I’m also struck by the amount of information and knowledge Brendan has about whole foods and fitness. Who better to copy than a professional Ironman? When I picked up the Thrive Diet for the first time I was hooked (again a big thank you to Morgan and living in LA). And so I decided right then and there this would be my training bible. Already a vegetarian this diet would be perfect for me to explore.


What we eat goes hand in hand with how we perform – which makes complete sense. The Thrive Diet breaks it all down in a simple and easy read, but the best part is the entire book includes recipes for pre and post-workout meals, energy gels, sports drinks and so much more! My plan is to make and consume all these things as I train for my marathon. The Thrive Diet – a diet revolved around only plant based foods – is also equipped with a full 12 week meal program making it that much easier to consume only plant stuff. As Brendan outlines in his book, it’s not for everyone (and that is important to keep in mind) and adapting to the Thrive Diet takes time and it should be done in moderation for best results. I will, slowly, over the course of my training and beyond, integrate his meals into my regime with a focus primarily on two of Brendan’s general principles: eat a big green salad everyday and drink a nutritious smoothie everyday. There are six principles in all which I will work up to, gradually. This is one thing I can’t jump full on into. Just yet that is. As mentioned before the main goal will be achieving proper hydration, fueling my body properly, and getting the necessary recovery needed to perform my very best!

This after all will be my first marathon ever. I want to make sure I do it right! Here goes nothing.


Distance Learning Project #2: Wheel of Life


I am not a person who sits well with my emotions. I mean really sit and reflect why I’m feeling the way I am. And for what reason? I know it may sound completely bizarre because I’m an insanely emotional person who wears my heart on my sleeve, and perhaps is a little too sensitive to, well, pretty much everything. But as I’m slowly learning through unfortunate situations with friends, stuff at work, and with life in general, having an open heart is not a weakness nor is it a bad thing. We all have our strengthens and weaknesses, reflecting on why our so called weaknesses are just that, weaknesses, is important to do from time to time. It’s good to check in with yourself. Because as we age and mature – or not – these strengths and weaknesses of ours can change yearly, monthly, or even daily.

Like most people I imagine, I tend to hide away when I’m feeling sad or throw and punch things, in the privacy of my own apartment of course, when I’m angry. Or I anger clean my house. Which is kind of efficient really. I don’t like showing my sadness or anger, rather I try and cope with it. This is not the best solution because coping is not a way of solving the real issue, it’s more of a deterrent from the root problem. As you can imagine a lot of this mentality came up in training. Emotions would run high and low and all around because a lot of training – in the most subtle way hidden under all the practicing and lectures – was connecting with yourself.

After a month of practice teaching and receiving feedback for my classes project number one was complete! Project two, the Wheel of Life as they call it, was designed for us to open up to the experience and emotions teaching brought up, but even more so, we were to reflect with what was going on in our lives leading up to training. Boy, this is getting deep.

I won’t bore you with the details of what I wrote, but as I was writing I found more and more stuff come up. Like why I was so driven with my career and less interested in romance. And why I would beat up myself for not being a good friend, and what I need to work on in certain family relationships. It was kind of weird. But therapeutic.

Our wheel of life was divided into eight categorizes: Business/Career, Finances, Health, Family and Friends, Romance, Personal Growth, Fun And Recreation, and Physical Environment. For each category we had to grade ourselves and explain why. Like I said it was weird, but therapeutic. Then we had to create another wheel, but this time we had to show where we wanted each category to be. This was even weirder. And more importantly how are you going to go about bringing these changes into your life to improve your grade. Not so easy now, is it? Again I won’t bore you with any grueling details of my wheel, but if you’re interested (or just curious) I’d be happy to share!

What would your Wheel of Life look like? What parts of your life could you improve or work on? Give it a try and journal it. You may just surprise yourself with the kind of circle you create.



Moksha Yoga Teacher Training Day #21

Today was our last and final day off of the training. So what did I do to utilize my time off? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Well not really I did get up in the morning and went to Joe’s yin/yang class with music at 9:30am, but I had a whole day planned in addition to class which included another long run to Runyon Canyon, buying groceries, making my lunch for the week and practice teaching for the following day: I was teaching again, but this time I’d be teaching in the hot room!

But let’s talk about Joe’s class for a moment. All I’ve heard nothing but great things about Joe Komar since arriving to Moksha LA and how badly I needed to take a class with him. Now I understand why. Joe has a very commanding presence in the room (it was also super nice not practicing in Studio B for a change!). Joe is gentle with this voice, but assertive with this instruction. This class was just the right amount of push I needed, with the right amount of tough yin. This was not an easy class by any means. I was blown away afterward by how “out of my head and into my body” I felt. This class was exactly what I wanted. With trainees teaching the Moksha sequence day after day, it’s hard to get into your own practice. Joe gave my practice back to me and for that I was so grateful. Thanks, Joe!

The grocery, cooking, practicing plan happened, but the run did not. I don’t know if it’s an LA thing or my brain on training, but I’ve become a baby and the last thing I wanted to do was go running in the wet and the cold. It was raining and cloudy all day. What gives?!

This is where I should have gone on my day off! The beach! But the weather was not cooperating.

This is where I should have gone on my day off! The beach! But the weather was not cooperating.

The more I didn’t run the more I was dreading the Around the Bay Race. (But, hey! We all know how that turned out!) And the day before, during our presentations, I discovered there was a 5-time Boston marathon runner (hi, Natalie!) among us. Natalie is a champion with a PB of 3:30 something, and officially my new hero.

I thought right then and there I would run the few days I have before the race when I got home. Erin will be running laps around me (so I thought)! With all the yoga I’m doing you’d think I wouldn’t worry to too much. But apparently yoga isn’t running training.

I can’t worry about this now. Now I need to rest and prepare myself for the 4th and final week of training.

Moksha Yoga Teacher Training Day #20

After 20 days of training you’d think everyone would know what’s going on! We get up, we eat, we do yoga, we eat, we listen to a lecture, we eat, we listen to another lecture, we eat…but no! You need to be on your game at all times. That is, I learned very quickly, when Jeremie is around.

Our morning asana was a total trick. As the end of training draws near, I kept thinking who has yet to teach a class? Jeremie! I’ve been very curious what king of yoga teacher Jeremie would be like. Today I thought my prayers have been answered. Because this morning, Jeremie walked into the room and began class. Excellent.

But is not what happened. Jeremie had us all fooled. He (and I bet Bryde was in on it too) tagged-teamed Nava (hi, Nava!) in after instructing pranayama breathing. We were teaching the class! Each person would teach two poses then would tag in someone in to teach the next two. It was fun and also very distracting. It’s really hard to practice when you’re constantly thinking “What the hell comes next?!”

I know your tricks now, Jeremie. With Asana TBD on the schedule and your comment about this being the best class of the training. But not because of you but because of us. I’m on to you now. But with 10 days left what could possibly be in store?

But there was good news that came of this heart pounding morning. Apparently my presentation did go really well the day before because Jeremie gave me a shout out at the beginning of class. Thank you, Jeremie! All is forgiven.

After a stressful morning it's time to relax!

After a stressful morning it’s time to relax!

After class YuMee continued with more yoga history and philosophy, and again in the afternoon. We talked about the yoga sutras this time and dove into what each one represents and symbolizes in the body and in our practice. Our afternoon class was with Ezmy again! Ezmy’s partner James played the gutiar and sang during class. Talk about a magical combination. It was the most beautiful yin/yang class ever. And Ezmy kicked our butts.

Then the last part of the day was filled presentations followed by a reunion dinner with my LA Costa Rica friends and a day off on Friday. Yay! With a day of I had to go out and celebrate.

Awww Costa Rica. Very found memories of this place and these people!

Awww Costa Rica. Very fond memories of this place and these people!

Moksha Yoga Teacher Training Day #18

Whoo hoo! After an epic birthday at training followed by another all round good day we were given another morning of rest. That’s right we could actually sleep in for more than a half an hour! This is often a very good thing, but when you’re fellow trainees walk out of the studio after have taken the morning 7:30am class (we did not have to do yoga this morning people!) you can’t help but feel really lazy. And I mean really lazy. And knowing that Ezmy was back, after leaving us for a solid week. She did have a very legitimate reason. Ezmy’s an Ambassador with Lululemon and she left for Hawaii with Lulu for something very, very important I imagine.

Anyway, Ezmy was back and was teaching this morning. And I didn’t go to her class. Now I feel bad. And I mean really bad. Why didn’t I get my butt out of bed for Ezmy? At least Ezmy saw me walking past the studio and came running out to give me a big birthday hug! Awww Ezmy you’re so great.

I quickly got over my sadness for not practicing when it can time to settle in an listen to Frank. Our morning and afternoon was spent with Frank as it was his last day with us. So we squeezed in all the time we could before he left. One of our required readings for the training, among many other excellent yoga books out there, was Frank’s Mindfulness Yoga. I highly recommend picking this up if your brave enough to even take a sample of this exploration beyond the yoga on your mat. Once our time with Frank was over I realized I had a world wind of questions to ask, but honestly didn’t know where to begin. At all. I’m still not certain I understood anything. But I trust my teachers and trust that I will on day understand. For now I’m re-re-reaing this book. I probably will continue to do so until the end of time.

Here is a reminder from Week 2: Be Accessible of the Living Your Moksha Challenge last spring. This video may shed some light on the power of Mindfulness.


After a heartfelt goodbye and farewell to Frank, we split up to attend our afternoon asana which was taught by more trainees. To end off the day we close with more history of yoga and the Hatha yoga Pradipika with YuMee. If you don’t know what this means don’t worry about it. Nor did I… nor do I, I think. It was a mind numbing – information overload kind of day to say the least.

Moksha Yoga Teacher Training Day #17

Morning asana was taught by more trainees including my new bestie Jamie Wessel from Moksha Yoga East Vancouver – East Van folks look out for Jamie’s community classes she’s the best! I was so proud of her today. It’s so cool we’re teaching yoga classes!


After class (and my karma cleaning duties) Bryde introduced to us YuMee Chung, Moksha International’s newest staff member. She gave a talk on the History and Philosophy of Yoga. This is some heavy stuff, but she was a delight to listen to.

Today was a free afternoon after class! Yay!! Bryde taught our afternoon asana and threw a bit of a curveball at us. Our community is falling apart and the group dynamic has shifted in the past few days and Bryde called us out on it. So, to salvage our minds and hearts towards each other, we did a staring meditation with a partner on our mats. My partner was Matt. Bryde set a new intention for us as a promise to each other. Matt is my new buddy, and I promised to be there for him and not let him hide. I will encourage him and be his support. And he will be mine.

Bryde, thank you for acknowledging the group lack of effort and fading community, and giving us the shift kick in the butt we needed. I know I needed it today!