3, 2, 1, Dodge Ball!


Winter has just became a little more fun now that The Bullfrog Ballsnatchers are back together for another season. With a record of 1-2, so far, I am determined we will finish above 50% this year.

Last fall, before I was an officially employed at Bullfrog Power, I was invited to join their dodge ball team for the Toronto Sport and Social Club. Dodge ball, really? Wow. This takes me back to high school and my huge fear of mean boys whipping balls super hard and being smashed in the face. But, I didn’t have a job at the time and nothing else to do on a Wednesday night I figured, why not? Being a social league means it’s just for fun right? This was not the case. For being a social club there where seriously competitive teams out there. Some were fun to play against others not so much, but either way I did have a blast. I got a real job and the most improved female award out of it at least.


This is just like us. For reals.


So when our captain made the call to get the team back for 2012, I was beyond excited. As fearful as dodge ball can be it is a co-ed sport anyone can play, and you don’t have to be that great at it either. Dodge, catch and throw are the three basic skills to have everything else is not important. Other sports of the caliber would include bowling and curling: both played better with a few drinks in hand. Ours usually come after the game, and this is where the social aspect comes into play. If you’re looking for a fun and easy fix to cure your boredom, or looking for a way to have some fun and meet people along the way I recommend checking out the list of sports offered by the TSS. There is a wide range to select from throughout the year and for various skill types. So you don’t have to be crazy good at anything, which is a nice peace of mind. So gather some friends, colleagues or even brave it out and sign up as an individual and go have some fun!

You may even run into me on the Dodge ball court.