Getting Spun a second time


Class number 2 of my 5 class pass to Get Spun is complete. During Tuesday’s spinning class I couldn’t help stare at the other class going on outside the spinning class. This could also explain why I wasn’t completely focused on my class (a major downside to glass walls). Oops.


Another oops? Forgot to take pictures!


I quickly darted home and looked up what class was going on. It was the Ultimate Body Training Camp, that’s what. I had to do this. So Wednesday night I registered for class and came prepared to die.

For 45 minutes I got a good sweat on and Chase Lye was a great instructor. He took the friendly approach to training and didn’t yell at us. He was helpful and not scary – thanks for that Chase! I personally get angry when instructors yell at me. Yes, I want to work hard, but I don’t have to hate you even more for making me do something. But, maybe a mean trainer is what I need. Again, I felt as though I could have worked harder once the class was out, or am I being hard on myself? It is only my first week back from the holidays so I can’t jump the gun just yet. We shall see. I like feeling exhausted after a workout and this night I didn’t.

The class was the perfect size with just the right amount of equipment to go around. Our circuit training worked our whole bodies and we got to use TRX stuff. I was excited! I believe my fear of falling backwards will disappear after my TRX training. That’s up next.