Wins and weak knees

Play ball! (Photo by @annebalser)

Play ball! (Photo by @annebalser)

It’s a busy week, so I wanted to start it off right. I got up early this morning and got a quick run in. My knees hurt the entire time. They felt old and sore and creaky. Uh oh.

This is a new sensation for me. I’m used to a sore hip and my left knee hates yoga so much, but I’ve never had knee pain while running. Is it the Newtons? The fact I haven’t foam rolled since my marathon? The marathon itself? Who knows! I will keep and eye and keep you updated.

For no real reason, I declared June a “month of fun.” No self-improvement projects. No goals. Just an attempt to enjoy life and enjoy Toronto. As a result of this declaration, I have discovered two fit-related things that are changing my life. (Okay, that’s an extreme exaggeration. But they are contributing to my fun.)

1. Maple Leafs baseball

Toronto_Maple_Leafs_BaseballDid you know Toronto had a semi-pro baseball team? And that they are called the Maple Leafs? And that their games are free?! I did not, until I mentioned to a co-worker I wanted to watch some cheap baseball. Since then, Anne and I have gone to both home games and are making plans to go to all the ones we can if we are both free. It’s a great way to pass a lazy Sunday afternoon. We destroyed Hamilton, 15-2, on Sunday. It was almost sad.



2. WNBA Live Access

175px-ChicagoSkyFor $14.99, I can stream all the WNBA games I want to my computer, iPhone or iPad. There are broadcast rules — as in, if a game is on TV in your area, you can’t stream the game online — but since NOT A SINGLE GAME is aired in Canada (why does Canada hate ladies’ basketball? It’s the same problem with the NCAA tourney!), I am in the clear. I have semi-arbitrarily decided Chicago Sky is my team (they have Swin Cash, a kick ass center, a point guard with something to prove and my favourite of the “Three to See” rookies — Elena Delle Donne — and the city itself is a lot like Toronto). Delle Donne played like a 10-year vet and hit two free throws with 1.8 seconds to take home the win for the Sky, 72-70. I watched this game outside on my iPad. I love technology. I bet my neighbours didn’t love my yelling.



I also talked to my run coach, Andie, about my fall race plans. For the summer, I’m planning to run 3x a week, do yoga 2x a week and not get injured. Let’s see how I do with that plan.


What sports teams do you follow?!



The run: 5.0k in 33:04
The route: