erin balser

Erin Balser in studio

Erin Balser is an award-winning radio and web producer for CBC Books and CBC's annual "battle of the books" Canada Reads. She's also a book columnist for CBC shows like Fresh Air and Here and Now.

In 2011, Canada Reads won a silver medal at the New York International Radio Festival for best special event. The trophy now sits on Erin's bookshelf, a permanent reminder of the time her show was beaten by Howard Stern's show.

In her free time, she writes about working out for Two Fit Girls and writes pop culture books. She sometimes makes book review videos. She once was a celebrity blogger and made a down payment on a house thanks to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and America's Next Top Model.

Want to be Erin's friend? Email her or follow her on Twitter, @booksin140.

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